TFN poll: should we abolish the monarchy?

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​Anti-monarchy pressure group Republic says there should be a referendum on the future of the monarchy when the Queen dies. If there was, how would you vote?

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21st April 2016 by Graham Martin 143 Comments

If there was a referendum on the future of the monarchy, how would you vote?

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If there was a referendum on the future of the monarchy, how would you vote?
Abolish the monarchy
Keep the monarchy

In case you hadn’t noticed, the Queen is celebrating her 90th birthday.

The monarch has been on the throne more than 60 years and her reign has been celebrated this week with a plethora or articles and look-backs in the press and on TV.

However, one discordant note was sounded by anti-monarchy pressure group Republic, which suggested that when the Queen eventually dies, a referendum should be held on the future of the institution.

It says that the monarchy’s popularity is bound up with the support for the Queen.

Therefore, it says, it is legitimate to ask whether people should have a say on the monarchy’s future after she dies.

Republic’s chief executive Graham Smith said: “In a hereditary monarchy the Queen’s age becomes a political issue. Long before the Queen dies the country will need to debate what happens next.”

So what do you think? If there was a referendum on the future of the monarchy, how would you vote?

21st April 2016 by Timothy Pape

I believe the majority of people in the country wish to keep the monarchy. If that's the case, then let's incorporate that option in voting forms, and then tax the supporters accordingly. A penny on THEIR income tax for what THEY want. Seems fair grin

21st April 2016 by Linda

In those times she vowed to serve and she has done that. However the financial cost and continuance of the hierarchy of our society led by the royals is no longer required.

21st April 2016 by Colin Docherty

I think the Queen deserves recognition for the public service she has provided over her 90 years. However, I believe she should mark the conclusion of constitutional monarchy, and that we need reform thereafter.

22nd April 2016 by Carolyn Evans


22nd April 2016 by Michael

Just give me one good thimg that the queen has done for the nation, it seems to me that she is not working for the people. Just look at our anthem god save the queen how about the rest of us?

22nd April 2016 by Mick Fitzgibbons.

Irrespective of the service to the country by the present monarch.It would be good to have a referendum if only to enter into a debate to clear the air over whether the majority feel that the monarchy is a good or bad thing. I personally feel that in this day and age the monarchy in its present form is not an appropriate one. Mainly because of the hereditary, accident of birth succession.

22nd April 2016 by Ross

It's 21st century people, not 11th! Enough with this hereditary corrupt system!

22nd April 2016 by Robert Allan

Make Royalty History

22nd April 2016 by Vicente Bimendi

If Scotland becomes Independent before, then it will only be an English, Wales & Northern Ireland Vote Personally I think this outdated.

22nd April 2016 by E Phillips

What a complete load of rubbish. The reason the BBC have showed so much of the Queens birthday is entirely because there would be a public uproar if they didn't. In short - they are showing what the majority of the public want to see. As for the unelected succession argument have everybody forgotten times such as when Gordon Brown succeeded to be Prime Minister after Tony Blair with no public election. The monarchy do a fantastic job raising millions for charity. Prince Charles alone had raised hundreds of millions over his public life with charitable trusts such as The Princes Trust. As for cost? Well a presidency would cost far more and we all know how politicians handle public money! The money the Queen does get goes mainly on government business they give her to conduct and maintaining public buildings such as Buckingham Palace. This would all still have to be paid if we had a republic. Only without the continuity, security and cause for public celebration that we get now. To celebrate the Monarch is not to celebrate an individual but to celebrate the nation. It is celebrating ourselves.

22nd April 2016 by I Gloria flynn

Definitely we should abolish the monarchy. There is nothing to be proud of to have a Head of State, whom we didn't vote for in the first place, and still remains head of state decades later. This is not democracy and totally unacceptable in the 21st century.

22nd April 2016 by Clar

It does not make sense that we continue to fund the monarchy and her families lavish lifestyle. The media vilifies people on benefits who "sponge" off the state, well the royal family are the biggest spongers!

22nd April 2016 by Helen Annand

I would prefer to have an elected "President" rather than an unelected Monarch who takes money for nothing.

22nd April 2016 by Previn Karian

The monarchy is an obsolete institution which needs to be made redundant. All the land and property given to the royals has been nothing other than theft of what belongs to the British public. This should be returned to the public and the royals should earn their living like the rest of us. We live in a modern democracy and our institutions should reflect this.

22nd April 2016 by Phil Irlam

It is not needed, out of date, far too costly. And promotes class distinction.

22nd April 2016 by Polythenehigh

Sad bunch on here and obvious this vote has been hijacked and advertised on specific pages to create a false impression. Majority of Brits want to keep the monarchy, I know dozens of people who have benefited from charities set up and supported by them. The vast majority of the funding goes on maintaining the estates they use which would still require funding if it was abolished just removes the special events they provide and he public interest we receive worldwide. Setting up and maintaining a presidency as an additional cost would dwarf the actual running costs of the monarchy after maintenance is removed. Put this to a referendum so we can put the anti monarchists back in their box for awhile.

22nd April 2016 by Dot Holden

I think the time has come to abolish the monarchy - it is not needed and the money paid to the Royal family by the State is needed much more elsewhere. The family is very wealthy and, if they were no longer required to provide any service to the State such as visits overseas, meet/greet visiting officials etc then I am sure their private incomes would be more than sufficient. Don't want to see a Presidential option though - more faff and expense - rather see the Prime Minister and a rotating selection of MP's act as a replacement instead (with only valid expenses open to inspection by the public allowed)

22nd April 2016 by Lynn

If you watched any of the TV coverage from Windsor yesterday you will see that our Queen is loved by people in and far beyond this country. The future generations of her family will continue her legacy and I don't grudge a penny to support this. As for the extended family members, no, they shouldn't receive public money.

22nd April 2016 by Bill Paterson

Definitely abolish. The Queen has done really well but it should finish with her.

22nd April 2016 by Paul

Why not just obliterate it.

22nd April 2016 by Les Hunter

Monarchy in the twenty first century is an anachronistic legacy of the days when the most successful thief with the biggest sword and the most murders on their record owned the country. Those days are long gone and the accident of which birth canal you emerged from should have absolutely no bearing on your ability to be treated like some god-spawned super being!

22nd April 2016 by Alan Mason

I'm not an ant nor am I a bee! Abolish this ridiculous pantomime now! Birthright is no right at all and only perpetuates inbreeding

22nd April 2016 by Rena Simpson

I would not like to live in a republic, though being Scottish I may have to, but I will always vote for The Royal Family, a pared down version might be better once Charles succeeds, I think he intends to do this.

22nd April 2016 by Alan

I love the queen dearly, snd as long as she reigns - which I hope is for many years to come - I will remain her loyal subject. But on her death I will become a staunch a Republican - especially if her loose moral led son takes her place.

22nd April 2016 by Kim

Keep her and the whole family. I'll say no more.

22nd April 2016 by Tony Papard

The Monarchy is an outdated institution. It is not consistent with a modern democracy, and it is actually unfair on the heirs to the Throne themselves, being landed with a job for life. If they had any guts they'd renounce the whole institution, or abdicate if already king/queen. It is a lottery who gets to be Head of State, maybe a totally unsuitable person, and they can't be voted out of office. Also they need heirs who are blood children, so suitable partners have to be found. Camilla was not thought suitable, so Diana was found then dumped when she'd produced an heir and a spare. All the money and obscene display of wealth of the royals is obnoxious, as are al the palaces, castles, etc. when so many are homeless. Tourism would still flourish without this institution, and some of the former royal residences could become tourist sites with all rooms open to the public.

22nd April 2016 by Avril

The Royal family are an underserving group of benefit scroungers in my opinion. If they had any decency they themselves would be vacating their priviledged positions. Yet they take, take, take from taxpayers as though it was their god given right! It isn't. The deferential era is over, thank goodness. The sooner we get of inherited priviledge the nation will be richer and all closer to becoming a trully democratic country.

22nd April 2016 by Helena

In Scotland, the people are sovereign, not the Queen.'Living off the state, a critical guide to royal finance' by Jon Temple, 2008, is an excellent analysis on how the royals operate and how they are cushioned from any real indepth probing into how they manage to hide and manipulate the wealth which has been bestowed on them by the people. The UK cannot call it's self a democracy while the royal family and their hangers on, are awarded massive priveleges for no other reason than being born into it. The poor, disadvantaged and disabled who are being attacked by the tory government deserve much more care, support and respect. The whole situation cannot continue if we want to live in a more equal and modern society. It's like we are being taken backwards at present, let's hope that stops and soon.

22nd April 2016 by Dorothy Devlin

abolish, this cancerous family people are starving while this reptile gets another palace mibby instead of giving vermin like this more palaces than they need they should be sorting out the homeless with a roof over their head

22nd April 2016 by Mrs T

Not sure how we ended up with royals in the European country in the 21st century... Bunch of people born into privilege who keep marry their cousins and breed. What is the benefit for the rest of us apart from having to pay for their lifestyle?

22nd April 2016 by Alice Stafford

Abolish the Monarchy

22nd April 2016 by C Petrie

Another poll high jacked by wonder they are deluded , they believe their high jacked polls!!!!

22nd April 2016 by michelle

get rid of the parasites, they get paid for doing nothing.....waste of air and time. We will help her pack and kiss her goodbye and her family with her. Ta-ta!

22nd April 2016 by Alice Stafford

the Monarch is out dated.time for them to go.after all she is not Scotland's Queen.I say Abolish the royal family we don't need them

22nd April 2016 by ARCHIE STRACHAN

Time is not on the royal families side. They seem to be a dead family walking...into oblivion and towards 21st century living

22nd April 2016 by Cliff Morgan

Many simply don't understand the monarchy and how much it brings to the United Kingdom, it costs the UK very little but adds greatly to the public purse. Its future is and will continue to thrive despite the usual Nat/republican socialists dirty public laundry out unwashed!

22nd April 2016 by Arthur Edwards

HM does a great job long may she reign

22nd April 2016 by William Leith

I have always believed in the monarchy and always will

22nd April 2016 by Robert Richmond

There is no finer system than that of a democratic Monarchy.Every one can respect the Queen from any political party. An elected President would be hated by at least 50% of the country.It would also cost money and likely to be corrupt. PMs who do not take notice of what the Queens says at their weekly meetings is a fool. She seen all state papers since she came to the throne.

22nd April 2016 by NMac

All she has to do to have a long "reign" is to stay alive and very, very rich people like her tend to live a very, very long time. As a nation we should grow up and elect our Heads of State.

22nd April 2016 by DavidCarrick

God save our Queen

22nd April 2016 by Kris

Up the Tepublicans!

22nd April 2016 by John kennedy

Keep our British ways alive Our monarch is a way of life

22nd April 2016 by Martin

Shout and moan all you like the Royal family is here and here for the formidable future. Deal way it

22nd April 2016 by dode muir

Long overdue !

22nd April 2016 by Avril McKenzie

Some of the comments are vile. Hate the Crown but love the half crown brigade, out in force.

22nd April 2016 by Sandra Hollingsworth

they are there through rape pillage and plunder ...... their greed continues....... sat on millions yet still ask for more ...... this system is totally out dated ..... time to GO

22nd April 2016 by Sandra Hollingsworth

they are there through rape . pillage and plunder ..... sat on millions ...... never ending greed is totally sickening ...... this is out dated .... why on earth does this continue ....... GO GO GO .....

22nd April 2016 by William Buchanan

We need to get rid of this poison once and for all, she's a fraud as she isn't even British by blood. The monarchy is holding us back and only remains to satisfy the few which is a slap on the faces of the many who obviously want it abolished.

22nd April 2016 by Davie R

Why bother with a referendum? Sue Townsend got it about right with 'The Queen and I'.

22nd April 2016 by Carol Murphy

It's a ridiculous waste of money, outdated. Abolish!

22nd April 2016 by Pip Williams

Completely out of date concept

22nd April 2016 by Nora kerr

Our queen is the envy of the world and many wish they had the history that goes with it

22nd April 2016 by Emma Dent Coad

I love you Scotland!

22nd April 2016 by Hilary Finch

I think the best thing to do would be to allow the institution of the monarchy to die off when the Queen dies. That way there are no hurt feelings or a sense of ingratitude for her lifetime's service.

22nd April 2016 by Bernadette Riddle

Leave our Royal Family alone they are here to stay. 1) I do not want to be run by dictatorship 2) I wish the Royal family had a lot more say

22nd April 2016 by Terry Palfrey

Time to grow up and leave the middle ages behind. Or the Americans can have them, seeing as they worship them so much.

22nd April 2016 by D McClung

If Charles is to succeed the throne after Queen Elizabeth I would vote to abolish the monarchy but if Prince William was to succeed the throne I would vote to keep it grin

22nd April 2016 by ANDREW SAYERS

Looking forward to the vote to expell republicans fron the UK

22nd April 2016 by John McMillan

Long overdue......Oliver Cromwell was quite right, but, unfortunately, too far ahead of his time!

22nd April 2016 by Andrew Henderson

The ultimate reference point from which a society grounded upon a modus operandi of inherited privilege is oriented.

22nd April 2016 by murray grant

Elizabeth the last

22nd April 2016 by Yvonne Shepherd

Abolish her and everyone connected to her after all they are just people at the end of the day .... and they use our taxes too!

22nd April 2016 by Maggie Bond

We do not need them. We have to pay fro them from our taxes. Away with them!

22nd April 2016 by Marcos Cardoso

you bunch of twats republics are corrupt, presidents around the work take more then the whole royal family per year, the Portuguese president expends 220 million a year and royal family 140 million... learn guys when a president rape your ass for money you will see.

22nd April 2016 by Jessie Bauchope Young

I think we should keep the Monarchy, but it must be scaled down. Only the reigning King/Queen, plus the first 3 in line to the throne should be kept at public expense. Too many people think if we abolish the Monarchy, the money saved will somehow filter down to the public, but of course it won't. It would go in to the hands of some El Presidento--for anyone who thinks being a republic is a good thing, just go and do some research--most end up with corruption ath the highest level, with most people being kept in abject poverty.Long live the Queen.

23rd April 2016 by simon

Its 2016!!! Are we really gonna keep carrying on this nonsense. Kings and queens and princesses!!! Grow the fuck up.

23rd April 2016 by Nik Gibson

If we went towards an elected representative, a president, as opposed to a monarch, the country would lose a massive amount of tourist financial income. The Queen works bloody hard for her country, working many hours unbecoming of her age. I wish I had her energy. Her Majesty is currently trying to nurse a very sick country back into health, and with a government that is making it worse. Being politically neutral she cannot directly intervene. Her offspring travel abroad to generate jobs and trade with many other countries, but this is seldom seen by the public. Most only see the state events with the obscenely effluent trappings that go with it, and they resent that. I served my Queen, and my country in the armed forces to maintain the status of the country and that includes keeping the monarchy. I am disgusted that I wasted my time for those who have not served, who have no idea what being loyal to ones country is about. Get used to the idea that Her Majesty isn't going to stand down, she has already stated that it is her job for life, and, assuming he doesn't die, Charles will be the next King! God save the Queen

23rd April 2016 by andy

God forbid we end up with a president Corbyn or Cameron, do any of the anti Monarchists stop to think how much cost is offset by the number of foreign visitors the Royals body waits outside the White House in the hope of seeing a President --(unless they 've got a rifle)--

23rd April 2016 by Randall Beynon

They are only figure heads. They do nothing but enjoy life to the fullest by doing nothing

23rd April 2016 by Peter Hunt

Disgusted with the comments, royal family generate £millions in tourism, they facilitate £billions in world trade and are a part of our British heritage and history. I say get rid of immigrants and freeloading polititions first! I served the United Kingdom in the Armed Forces, became disabled doing it too. I firmly believe I served the Queen, her Aires and Successors.

23rd April 2016 by D Gray

Let's expunge the third verse.Thats the one with the line about aims and objectives with the words "REBELIOUS SCOTS TO CRUSH" .This is clearly unacceptable in the 21st C.As an anthem its dull and boring lyrically and musically. Having said that it's worth keeping the monarchy .We are primates and social hierarchy is necessary for maintaining stability in the structure. Proletarianism recapitulates totalitarianism.God save the queen.

23rd April 2016 by Nat cole

The monarchy represents a steady continuation of our country's representation on the world stage throughout the turmoil of idiots we have passing through no:10. What knobber started and fuelled a bullshit questionnaire like this? Some progressive hard done by pinko that want to lash out at some kind of perceived privilege from some misguided sense of entitlement? Or am I being presumptuous? Reading some of the comments here questioning "What has she ever done for our country?" Well, she served in the military in times of war, not to mention providing a steadfast figurhead to the country. I might ask the question of What have all the naysayer keyboard warriors on here ever done for their country? Keep the monarchy. Long live the Queen.

23rd April 2016 by Calum Sinclair

Keep our sovereign,we have the best type of government,the sovereign can sack the prime minister . We don't want to become a republic.

23rd April 2016 by Vince

The biggest benefit scroungers in the world a family of true Tory blues. The Monarchy does not care about the poor the sick the disabled It cares about money greed protects pedophiles sex offenders Tax dodgers corruption if rife.

23rd April 2016 by Alison Rollo

Don't care what England chooses but there is no question an Independent Scotland wants to be a Republic -- sooner the better!!!

23rd April 2016 by Geoff Andrews

what sort of morons are you lot, she is a big money spinner for this country and a great ambassador, try visiting Buckingham palace and see the crowds!!

23rd April 2016 by STEVEB

"I remember, I remember when my world was hardly grown And the daughter of a dead dull king ascended to the throne And though I was just a lad at school, I saw it all with scorn The solemn, sacred emptiness, the monumental yawn And the slime exuding daily from the sycophantic slugs And the Coronation ash trays and the Coronation mugs And the rows of ermined mummies with their maggot-eaten brains All the swarms of bloated blowflies the majestic turd sustains...." ON HER SILVER JUBILEE, Leon Rosselson.

23rd April 2016 by Julie

When you have to change the constitution so her adulterous son , who also married a divorcee of a different faith , can become monarch and defender of the faith. It's time to end this debacle!

23rd April 2016 by Elaine

Absolute bull. The monarchy and its history is a major part of UK the business. Next you'll be saying knock down all castles and stately houses. Get a life and vote on something important.

23rd April 2016 by Iain Macadie

90 years on benefits, over rated as a tourist attraction. We are all born equal but some still live in the Middle Ages!

23rd April 2016 by Bob

Complete abolition of Monarchy and the unelected House of Lords. Only then can we begin to call ourselves a democracy.

23rd April 2016 by K Chelaghma

You all need to get real and updated facts before you start spouting rubbish.

23rd April 2016 by Peter Serman

Main gripe - what is the point of being the Queen of a country, owning a supposed 1/6th of the planet with an unestimatable wealth, have £100's of millions of pounds spent on you, yet the country has a massive homeless problem, other OAP are living off a crap pension and being forced to either heat their homes or eat! The UK has a massive debt to banks which she could possibly wipe out at the stroke of a pen. In general and as the poll shows, people are fed up with the 1%ers, the Queen included. Her government, who she is not supposed to interfere with, is running the UK into the ground while she sits on her throne supposedly unable to help. She either gets a grip or we give up entirely on any from of unelected head of state.

23rd April 2016 by Peter Brennan

Its about time, people have a free vote, and because she's doing pretty well financially, that money could be spent on VITAL operations for kids etc.

23rd April 2016 by Pete Stevens

A mound of medieval muck.Makes us look like Ruritanial backwater. Time for a proper democracy

23rd April 2016 by trisha wood

abolish the monarchy as soon as the queen dies

23rd April 2016 by Anthony Cavanagh

Yup its time to bin what is just a ceremonial head of state

23rd April 2016 by John Adams

Keep. How unifying would President Thatcher or Blair would have been. Or any other smooth talking bastard?

23rd April 2016 by John Francis

Elizabeth II has been a great queen and now would be a good time to quit. Let the monarchy finish on a high note. God Save the Queen; Goodbye!!

23rd April 2016 by Alyson Thomson

I think it's ridiculous to have a monarchy in the 21st Century.

23rd April 2016 by Martin Edmunds

Of course it should be abolished. It has nothing to do with economics either. The idea of any individual or family being entitled to privilege, the position of head of state, or deference as a birth right is an anathema to a modern democratic society.

23rd April 2016 by Paul

The royals are out of touch, not needed, a dark spot on democracy... Not long ago Charles actions (when he enforced a middle aged right to dig under homes, tax cuts on his lands,...) proved it!!!

23rd April 2016 by Daniel

I believe that it is just a plain insult to all our country stands for to bing the monarch into question. I hope you all know that she receives 40m from the government but pays them back 126m form her estates in a deal running from king George III so those who think they live off public money are just plain wrong! God Save the Queen! Also you repulicans should pay back your tax break the queen gives you, as you are clearly ungrateful and have a lack of british patriotism. I say if you don't like it bugger off somewhere else!

23rd April 2016 by Susannah Greaves

I would prefer a President to be our head of state (like Italy, Germany, etc) but care must be taken that this isn't just a job for a superannuated politician. It should be someone we can all look up to and would be proud to receive an honour or medal from.

23rd April 2016 by Val Brown

Would definitely vote for the Monarchy to go.Ever since the Middletons latched on to PW it has become totally meaningless and extremely tacky.

23rd April 2016 by Philip Brannan

The monarchy has no relevance in a modern democracy it perpetuates class and privalage. When the queen dies so should the monarchy.

23rd April 2016 by dale

do there care about us

23rd April 2016 by Ronnie MacThomas

The basic tenet that all men and women are equal is the foundation of Republic. Monarchy is the kingpin of the Aristocracy, the Establishment. That which embodies everything right minded folk stand against.

23rd April 2016 by Diane murray

The time has come to stop having unelected heads of state who are holding the position purely by an accident of birth. I admire the Queen for the stamina and impartially she has shown but after her death it is time to stop the monarchy once and for all.