Regeneration & Housing

The cost of care - who is really paying for Scotland’s social care system?

Martin Johnstone argues that failing to fund social care organisations to pay the Scottish Living Wage is a moral failure for the care of our most vulnerable

9th November 2018 by TFN Guest

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Premium The killing blow often comes from the direction least expected

With everyone’s eyes on Brexit, growing Universal Credit unrest looks set to blindside the Tory government

18th October 2018 by Graham Martin

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Homelessness charity’s choir helped me find home and family

Kenyan-born Benson is a member of Lost and Found Choir, an Edinburgh-based men’s choir run by homelessness charity Bethany Christian Trust

6th August 2018 by TFN Guest

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Growing up in Pollok made me a campaigner

Stephen Logie grew up campaigning for better housing in one of Scotland's biggest estates. He believes the experience made him what he is today

9th July 2018 by Robert Armour

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Smart homes are the answer for independent living

Fanchea Kelly explains why new smart home, Blackwood House, is being built in cities across Scotland

21st May 2018 by TFN Guest

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Fight fuel poverty with Home Energy Scotland

Sponsored content: Home Energy Scotland is looking for third sector partners to help ensure everyone who needs home energy advice gets it

12th April 2018 by TFN Guest

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Fight fair when challenging housing associations

David Bookbinder reacts to "personal" criticism of housing associations

10th April 2018 by TFN Guest

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Housing associations are skewing satisfaction rates

Tommy Lusk, housing campaigner, says tenant satisfaction surveys published by housing associations hide more than they reveal

3rd April 2018 by Robert Armour

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It is possible to end child poverty

Russell Gunson on why it will take more than optimism and increasing benefits to end child poverty in Scotland

5th March 2018 by TFN Guest

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No-one deserves to be homeless

Paul Stevenson busts the myths surrounding the"deserving" and "undeserving" poor

20th December 2017 by TFN

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Scotland’s booze crisis: prevention and funding cuts don’t mix

Susan Smith responds to the news that more Scots died from several preventable health conditions last year

15th November 2017 by Susan Smith

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Challenge poverty in Scotland? Aye, we can!

The Poverty Alliance's Carla McCormack looks forward to Challenge Poverty Week

12th October 2017 by TFN Guest

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Introducing Sunnd – driving genuine social innovation through collaboration

Lucy Fraser on a new concept for living which puts puts wellness at the heart of housing

26th September 2017 by TFN

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It’s not always good to share

Ken Reid discusses why shared spaces could set back the rights of partially sighted people by decades

7th September 2017 by TFN Guest

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Help the media reconnect with real people and real stories

Sally Hall discusses the role of the third sector in helping journalists get closer to the stories that really matter

5th September 2017 by TFN Guest

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We are in the grip of a housing crisis

Fiona King says a lack of affordable housing, a rise in social sector evictions and the impact of welfare cuts means Scotland is suffering a housing crisis

17th August 2017 by TFN Guest

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Bethany gave me the tools to rebuild my life

David, 30, was helped out of homelessness by Bethany House, an emergency resettlement unit in Edinburgh.

17th July 2017 by TFN Guest

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How fit are our personal finances?

Yvonne MacDermid on the big debate to be had over our personal debt, now at its highest level in a decade

30th June 2017 by TFN Guest

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The UK’s first ever manifesto for charity shops

Shona Ferrier says is time politicians took note of the vital contribution charity retail makes to local communities

30th May 2017 by TFN Guest

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