Regeneration & Housing

6 ingredients of change

Wonder why your charity’s campaign hasn’t worked? Susan Smith examines the six elements you need for a successful campaign

6th April 2017 by Susan Smith

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Turn your home into a palace with these seven social enterprises

Some people love DIY but others loathe it. Jordan Ogg finds ways to take the pain out of beautifying your home with interior minded social enterprises

18th August 2016 by Jordan Ogg

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5 rights you should know if you rent your home

Complaints about dodgy landlords are increasing so Citizen’s Advice Scotland has published a guide revealing the five basic rights all landlords must observe

7th April 2016 by Paul Cardwell

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Charity advent calendar 2015

TFN is counting down to Christmas by celebrating and promoting some of its favourite charities, fundraisers and awareness days

27th November 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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9 steps to an ethical Christmas

From cards to party dresses, food to trees find out how to ensure your Christmas makes a positive impact on the world

12th November 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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8 of the scariest facts about living in Scotland

For some people, life in Scotland really is a nightmare. TFN highlights what you can do to help make life better for everyone

29th October 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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5 of the best e-learning websites

Want to improve your skills, or learn a new one? Check out where you can learn online for free

26th August 2015 by TFN Guest

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5 Top tools for team communication

Email overload? Banish internal emails forever with these great communication tools and keep in touch with your team on the go

26th August 2015 by Susan Smith

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5 office apps that will rock your world!

These digital tools will revolutionise your workplace…

26th August 2015 by TFN Guest

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