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TFN poll: would you give a bed to a rough sleeper?

Families are being urged to consider giving shelter to rough sleepers. Would you?

26th October 2017 by Robert Armour

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Should new petrol and diesel cars be banned?

Plans have been announced for new petrol and diesel vehicles to be banned from 2040

26th July 2017 by Gareth Jones

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Poll: are we demonising beggars?

Does new survey demonise beggars?

13th May 2016 by Graham Martin

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Should Jobcentre staff be housed in foodbanks?

People often visit foodbanks because they can't find work, but is it a good idea to have Jobcentre staff waiting for them there?

29th October 2015 by Robert Armour

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Poll: Should homeless people be forced to give up their dogs?

Two thirds of homeless owners of dogs say they still live on the street as they can’t find accommodation with their pet

13th October 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Poll: Can charities cope with the demand created by welfare cuts?

Or will the £12bn cut from the welfare budget be the straw to break the camel's back

23rd July 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Why are more young people living at home?

Record numbers of young adults are living with their parents. Why is this happening?

17th February 2014 by Alex Turnbull

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