Social Justice & Poverty

Brexit fallout will cut Scotland’s third sector deeply

Maggie Lennon is calling on Scotland's third sector to get involved now in lobbying for a fair deal for the third sector following Brexit

24th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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The sound of silence: why won’t the third sector criticise the Scottish Government?

Organisations' reluctance to criticise the Scottish Government means controversial policies are being accepted without much opposition, argues Robert Armour

21st March 2017 by Robert Armour

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What does the third sector need most from IndyBrexit?

Martin Sime considers what impact the third sector can have in the second independence referendum campaign while leaving the EU

15th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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You can’t run a charity on good will alone

Active4All's demise is a lesson in how ideologically-driven social enterprises must also be backed up with competent business expertise

15th March 2017 by Robert Armour

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I turned a life of crime into a life worth living

Pete Sams life turned around when he got involved in a voluntary project in prison and it gave him something to live for

14th March 2017 by Robert Armour

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Kirk calls on Westminster to agree to independence referendum

Rev Dr Richard Frazer says the Church of Scotland remain neutral out the outcome but believes it is right to have a second independence referendum

14th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Charities are a crucial part of the Living Wage movement

Sandy MacDonald argues that paying the Living Wage is crucial to help charities deliver on their mission

10th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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The power of a good conversation

Simon Bateson explains why he believes honest communication can be the basis for social change

6th March 2017 by TFN Guest

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Charity campaigning: is it time to get offensive?

Susan Smith says charities should learn from grassroots campaigners and be prepared to ruffle feathers

2nd March 2017 by Susan Smith

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Tory brutality laid bare - now let’s shape the alternative

Christina McKelvie on Scotland's new social security system

28th February 2017 by TFN Guest

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Beating the racists with unity and solidarity

Claire Thain on how a community came together following a racist attack on a mosque

24th February 2017 by TFN Guest

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Brexit blow: let’s fight fear together

Susan Smith believes the third sector is right to be nervous about the future and should arm itself now for rocky years to come

8th February 2017 by Susan Smith

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Never give up – tenacious campaigners can move mountains

Sue Tibballs is looking forward to speaking to Hillsborough campaigner Margaret Aspinall in Glasgow this month about campaigning for justice

6th February 2017 by TFN Guest

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Trump protests can make a difference

Paul Cardwell attended the Scotland Against Trump rally this week. He believes the president's angry reactions to criticism will ultimately be his downfall.

31st January 2017 by Paul Cardwell

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“Trump is a danger to us all”

Candice Hannigan took to the streets in protest against prejudice, against fear and against Donald Trump

31st January 2017 by TFN Guest

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Make your new year’s resolution to volunteer

Martin Docherty-Hughes explains why people should make their new year resolution to volunteer in 2017

19th January 2017 by TFN Guest

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This government cares not one jot for the ordinary people of this country

​Maggie Lennon says those who voted for Brexit now appear to have been turkeys voting for their own early Christmas

19th January 2017 by TFN Guest

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Shared society is a sham - and Tories must keep off our territory

Graham Martin says the Tories must not be allowed to use third sector as cover for their agenda of inequality and division

12th January 2017 by Graham Martin

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Youth work can help deliver excellence for every child

Graeme Logan sets out his vision for youth work and schools

21st December 2016 by TFN Guest

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