Social Justice & Poverty

News in brief: what’s been going on in the third sector, 12 July 2018

An overview of some of the activities going on across the third sector in Scotland over the last few weeks

12th July 2018 by TFN Staff

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6 ways Universal Credit is failing

After nearly £2bn in investment, there is no evidence Universal Credit will ever entice more people into work. Here we list its six biggest failings

12th July 2018 by Robert Armour

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Get into the Christmas spirit and give to charity

'Tis the season of goodwill, so here are some quick and easy ways to capture the true spirit of Christmas and help improve life for others this winter

27th November 2017 by Susan Smith

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6 ingredients of change

Wonder why your charity’s campaign hasn’t worked? Susan Smith examines the six elements you need for a successful campaign

6th April 2017 by Susan Smith

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Ethical gifts for Christmas

Giving is in the spirit of the season, and these gift ideas will help warm the hearts of people far beyond the Christmas tree

23rd November 2016 by Molly Millar

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7 things ethical parents in central Scotland should know about

From real nappies to good-quality preowned toys and kids activities, central Scotland is packed full of social enterprises making family life better

4th August 2016 by Molly Millar

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Charity advent calendar 2015

TFN is counting down to Christmas by celebrating and promoting some of its favourite charities, fundraisers and awareness days

27th November 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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9 steps to an ethical Christmas

From cards to party dresses, food to trees find out how to ensure your Christmas makes a positive impact on the world

12th November 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Painting Scotland red for Poppy Appeal

Charity turns some of the country's most famous buildings red

9th November 2015 by Graham Martin

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8 of the scariest facts about living in Scotland

For some people, life in Scotland really is a nightmare. TFN highlights what you can do to help make life better for everyone

29th October 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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Refugee crisis: what you can do in Scotland to help

We've compiled a list of some practical ways people in Scotland can help some of the refugees pouring into Europe

3rd September 2015 by Graham Martin

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5 of the best e-learning websites

Want to improve your skills, or learn a new one? Check out where you can learn online for free

26th August 2015 by TFN Guest

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5 Top tools for team communication

Email overload? Banish internal emails forever with these great communication tools and keep in touch with your team on the go

26th August 2015 by Susan Smith

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5 office apps that will rock your world!

These digital tools will revolutionise your workplace…

26th August 2015 by TFN Guest

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10 ways to change the world at the Edinburgh Festival

Paul Cardwell picks 10 shows, events and exhibitions in Edinburgh this month that care about more than just a few laughs

10th August 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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UK’s five worst welfare reforms

We list the so-called reforms that have had the biggest impact on the poor, the sick and the disabled

4th August 2015 by Robert Armour

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The 10 most successful charity fundraising events

Events company Massive has compiled a list of the UK fundraising events which raised the most money in 2014. Did your favourite charity make the top 10?

3rd August 2015 by Paul Cardwell

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10 need-to-know facts about voting in the independence referendum

As if the thought of voting in the referendum wasn't exciting enough, we've pulled together a list of the best voting facts around

29th July 2014 by Natasha Hallett

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