£150,000 for climate change projects


New cash is available to help Scottish communities tackle climate change

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19th June 2017 by Susan Smith 1 Comment

Local organisations that are tackling climate change in their communities can now apply for up to £150,000.

The Keep Scotland Beautiful-run Climate Challenge Fund has reopened for applications, having successfully supported 622 community-led organisations with £85.8 million since 2008.

Projects focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable travel, local food growing and resource efficiency have all been successful in the past.

Cabinet secretary for environment Roseanna Cunningham said: “Scotland is making sustained progress in delivering our climate change ambitions. However, there is still much more that we can do and community action is critical if we are to meet our ambitious emissions reduction targets.

“The Climate Challenge Fund supports a range of projects that help inspire people to care about climate change and involve everyone in taking action as part of their everyday lives.”

The Climate Challenge Fund is a Scottish Government grants programme but this round also includes a contribution from the European Regional Development Fund in 2018-19.

Derek Robertson, chief executive at Keep Scotland Beautiful, which runs the programme on behalf of the government, said: “Climate change impacts all of us and we need collective action to tackle it. This funding will support communities from across the country to take vital local action by making their climate change projects a reality.

“We look forward to supporting many groups with their applications and empowering them to take action to help Scotland realise its carbon reduction ambitions.”

Climate Challenge Fund Development Grants of up to £1,500 are also available to help community organisations identify and scope out potential climate action projects. The the aim of these grants is to enable organisations to apply for a Climate Challenge Fund Grant or alternative external funding.

The deadline to submit an expression of interest, the first stage of the application process for a Climate Challenge Fund grant, is 5pm on 28 August 2017.

26th June 2017 by maxxmacc

Baloney.The only threat to Scotland and indeed the world (apart from nuclear war) is another Ice Age, which is the natural state of the planet, as we are only given a 10,000 year window once every 100,000 years.If Al Gore believed his own hype about rising temperatures and sea levels, then why did he use the millions he made from Carbon Trading to build a luxury penthouse beside the sea!