Aberdeen woman leaves millions to charity

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Wealthy pensioner leaves millions to charity 

27th October 2014 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A Glasgow-born woman who spent her later years living in Aberdeen has left over £6 million to charity.

Georgina Sutherland died in May aged 95 with instructions for a charitable fund bearing her name to be created with her fortune.

In her published will she left £346,000 to family and friends with instructions for the remainder of her £6,149,722.29 fortune to go into the Ina Scott Sutherland Charitable Foundation.

Mrs Sutherland had a colourful life. Born in Glasgow, she was raised in Hong Kong where her father ran a civil engineering company.

When the Second World War broke out, she and her mother escaped to Australia, carrying just one suitcase, just before the Japanese invasion of the island.

Her father later died in a Hong Kong prison.

After the war she returned to Hong Kong meeting her husband Tom Scott Sutherland there in 1948.

He became a successful Aberdeen-based architect, cinema tycoon, house builder and philanthropist.

However, she was widowed after just 12 years of marriage.

She then went on to built up a portfolio of stocks and shares and spent most of her life supporting charities, in particular the Order of St John, which is dedicated to helping others through medical and rescue activities.

She was named a Dame of St John in 1979.