Alcohol should carry health warnings

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Cancer Research UK has said that action to cut alcohol-related illness should go further than setting a minimum price for booze

1st May 2018 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

Alcohol should be labelled with cigarette-style health warnings.

Cancer Research UK has welcomed minimum pricing for alcohol, which came into force today (1 May), but said that further action must be taken to cut the amount of deaths from alcohol-related illnesses.

The charity has said that placing the health risks of drinking on labels would help increase knowledge around the risks of drinking.

"A minimum unit price for alcohol is one action among many that will help reduce how much alcohol is consumed in Scotland,” said Professor Linda Bauld, Cancer Research’s cancer prevention expert.

"We now look forward to seeing a broad and far-reaching alcohol strategy from the Scottish Government soon. Further measures need to be taken to increase public understanding of the dangers of drinking alcohol.

"Serious consideration should also be given to introducing clear information about the health risks on product labels.”

Health charities, including Cancer Research, have said increasing the price of alcohol will result in a drop in people suffering conditions such as liver damage, breast cancer and bowel cancer.

Minimum pricing in Scotland finally came into place this week, after the Scottish Government fought off legal challenges from the alcohol industry.

The new laws will see a minimum price of 50p per unit set, with the price of low price, high strength alcohol set to soar.

1st May 2018 by Mike Trevett

The problem with being alive and living a life is that you will die of it eventually. Alcohol is dangerous; smoking; salt; sugar; fats; meat; heavy metals in fish; organophosphates in your veg; pesticides on your fruit. Going outside is dangerous. Everything in life carries risk, give us information but don't browbeat us, that is dangerous as well.