Honours for Scottish third sector heroes

Martin oneill 1

Martin O'Neill MBE with sons Michael and Dominic

The Queen's Birthday Honours List has been revealed, with several third sector representatives recognised

12th June 2019 by Gareth Jones 3 Comments

Representatives of Scotland’s third sector featured heavily in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

The list of those who will travel to the palace in the coming months was revealed at the weekend.

Martin O’Neill, director of Bobath Scotland, gained an MBE for services to people with cerebral palsy and voluntary service in Glasgow.

He told TFN: “Once that initial feeling of shock had passed, I felt very privileged to be chosen, since it shines a spotlight on the fantastic work done by Bobath Scotland to improve the lives of people with Cerebral Palsy, and the amazing spirit which permeates those connected with the charity.

“I became involved in 1994, as a direct response to the needs of my own son Dominic who was born a year earlier 14 weeks premature, and suffered a cranial bleed when he was two days old, resulting in his cerebral palsy. In those days he was our principal focus. As my involvement with the charity increased, I became aware of the impact our efforts were having for the wider community.

Martin O'Neill

Martin O'Neill

“Although I have been awarded the MBE I am acutely aware this is not solely my honour, but is shared with Dominic who is my inspiration, my wife Claire, who along with my other son Michael, have offered constant support throughout my time with Bobath, friends and supporters of Bobath, our absolutely amazing therapists, support staff, board members and our fantastic chief executive Stephanie Fraser.”

Dr Ashok Bhuvanagiri, founder of the Telugu Association of Scotland; Jennifer Gow, from A Bear Named Buttony; and the Royal British Legion’s Charles Brown and Christina MacDonald were others from the sector who also collected MBEs.

Suzanne Fernando was revealed as the recipient of an MBE for her services to cervical cancer, autism and veterans.

Callum Farquhar, regional commissioner of the Scouts in East Scotland, was named an OBE.

"This award really is for all of the Scouts out there, you're the unsung heroes," he said.  “I really do feel it’s a team effort, this award is for every one of those incredible scout volunteers. We now have over 50, 000 scouts and volunteers in Scotland who give up so much of their time and energy to help young people and this award is for you them, so if you’re a Scout volunteer, congratulations, we share this one together.”

Joseph Mackie, chairman of the Archie Foundation, also gained an OBE for services to the community in Scotland.

Ian Findlay, chief officer of Paths for All, gained a CBE. “This wonderful honour has come as a complete shock to me!,” he said. “However, I’m delighted, humbled, honoured, excited, inspired all in equal measure.

"I am truly thrilled to be recognised in this way for achievements in my work, voluntary and personal life. Paths for All has been a fundamentally important part of my journey, as too have the many other charities, such as ACOSVO, with which I’ve been associated. There are so many people - colleagues, directors, volunteers and friends - who I’ve worked with throughout my career who I’d like to thank, not to mention my amazing family. There are too many to name, but you know who you are!  In a sense, I‘d like to share this honour with you.”

13th June 2019 by Memphis

I hope they are happy with their shiny trinkets of Empire.

17th June 2019 by Lok Yue

What a mean spirited, unpleasant remark from Memphis. We should hail these people for excellent, selfless service, not use them to try and make political points

8th July 2019 by Suzanne Fernando MBE BCAh

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