Amazing Grace serves up breakfast to help charity fight cancer

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Credit: Lisa Ferguson

Cancer Research UK launches its latest fundraising campaign with the help of Scot’s school girl 

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19th February 2016 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

A brave seven-year-old who fought bone cancer has helped launch Cancer Research UK’s latest fundraising campaign.

Grace Newton, from Grangemouth, who was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at the age of five, is urging Scots to sign up to host or attend a fundraising breakfast event on or around Friday March 11.

Along with the charity, she is encouraging people to organise a party at home, in the office or at school and invite their friends and family to make a donation to attend.

Watch Grace’s fun photoshoot and her mum Janet speak of just how far Grace has come in the fight against cancer 

Grace’s courage during almost a year of chemotherapy, which followed a 10 hour operation at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow to remove a tumour in her arm, inspired her family and friends to fundraise tirelessly for Cancer Research UK and are delighted Grace has decided to be the face of this new campaign.

Grace’s mum Janet said: “My outstanding, beautiful, amazing Grace completed her 14th and final cycle of chemotherapy 326 days after being diagnosed with cancer. 

“We were very honest with Grace about cancer. Chemotherapy and cancer are just words to children with no deeper meaning and Grace coped amazingly well.

“When you’re on a hospital ward with other families going through cancer then you become like a family. Each journey is different but you can understand what other parents are going through.

“To any parent of a child diagnosed with cancer, I’d say never give up hope and always believe. Trust the doctors and amazing team of nurses to get your child better.

“The main tumour in Grace’s arm was completely removed and her response to chemotherapy was considered excellent. Grace has three small tumours remaining on her lungs but they’re considered dead and stable tumours. Doctors will keep a close eye on them for the next four years. Hopefully there will be no changes to them and Grace will go in to remission.

“Grace still struggles with bone pain and tiredness but it will take the next year or so to get back to her fully functioning self but she’s well on her way. Nothing can stop Grace and I couldn’t be prouder.”

Lisa Adams, Cancer Research UK spokeswoman for Scotland, said: “We’d like to thank Grace and her mum Janet for serving up a tasty spread for Britain’s Biggest Breakfast.

“We’re urging Scots to follow their lead and invite friends, family and neighbours to take a seat at the breakfast table. A hearty breakfast is a great way to start the day, so it’s time to set the alarm and make your breakfast bigger and better than ever this March. Every step we take towards beating cancer relies on every hour of research, every pound donated and every person who gets involved."

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