Amount of people who will suffer strokes on the rise

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The Stroke Association has called for action to prevent a crisis

19th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

The amount of stroke victims in the UK is set to soar over the next two decades.

Research from the Stroke Association has shown that there will be a 59% increase in those who have suffered a stroke.

The charity has warned that action is needed to prevent a crisis, with high blood pressure and the fact people are living longer attributed to the rise.

First-time strokes among people aged 45 and over in the UK will rise from 117,600 in 2015 to 148,700 in 2025 and 187,000 in 2035 – a 59% rise over 20 years, with the main rise expected to be among people aged 85 and over.

More people aged 45 and over will survive a stroke, with the figure rising from 950,000 in 2015 to 2,120,000 in 2035 – a 123% rise over 20 years.

Dominic Brand, director of external affairs at the Stroke Association, said: “It’s clear that we need to act now to prevent the UK from sleepwalking towards a stroke crisis. The fact is that most strokes are preventable but there’s still a lot we don’t know. This report highlights some of the key areas that desperately need investment.

“Stroke causes a greater range of disabilities than any other condition, but research into stroke remains under-funded.

“We urgently need to find effective ways to prevent the devastation that haemorrhagic stroke can bring, as well preventing and managing conditions with a higher risk of stroke, such as AF and high blood pressure.”