Animal cruelty seizures double in Scotland

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The Scottish SPCA has said puppy farms are leading to a huge increase in animals being kept in poor conditions

15th March 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Scotland’s illegal puppy trade is on the rise – with more animals than ever being taken away from their owners.

The Scottish SPCA has reported a 44% increase in animals that were seized as part of cruelty investigations.

Almost half of the 302 animals taken into care in 2017 were raised at puppy farms.

SSPCA chief executive Kirsteen Campbell said: “Overall, 52 people were banned from owning animals last year following our investigations. That’s an average of one every week, with many of these animals having suffered in the most appalling conditions.

“The illegal puppy trade remains a major concern, with 143 of the record 302 animals seized by our inspectors and undercover special investigations unit last year rescued from dealers who treat dogs as nothing more than commodities.”

There were a further 75 puppies that were seized on their way from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

In 2017, Scottish SPCA frontline staff responded to more than 89,500 incidents from calls to their animal helpline and 275,000 children were reached through the charity’s education programme.