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A fox cub got so stuck in a football net that the Scottish SPCA had to save her

20th May 2016 by TFN 0 Comments

This little fox cub scored an own goal recently when she got tangled up in the net of a football goal.

Animal charity Scottish SPCA released the photograph after being called to free her from a back garden in the Corstorphine area of Edinburgh.

Despite looking cute, the cub was in such distress it wasn’t possible for the residents to free her and they had to seek the help the welfare charity.

Animal rescue officer Connie O’Neill, who attended, said the cub’s mum was trying to rip the netting apart with her teeth in a bid to free her when she arrived.

“When I arrived at the property, the cub’s mother ran off and hid in a nearby bush and watched on as I cut the netting to free her cub,” she said.

“It was a lovely moment when she was freed and ran straight over to her mum before they both disappeared into the bushes.

“There was a happy ending in this instance but sadly there are many foxes and other wild animals such as hedgehogs and birds that are often caught in football netting and don’t survive.”

The Scottish SPCA is now encouraging parents to remove the nets from children’s football goals when they are not in use.

Anyone wishing to report an injured or distressed animal should call the charity’s animal helpline on 03000 999 999.


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