Anti-fascists vow to drive racist SDL from Scots town


‚ÄčAnti-immigrant group is targeting town because it sheltered Syrian families

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31st March 2017 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

Anti-fascists are mobilising to take on the fascist Scottish Defence League (SDL) after its members pledged to descend on a town in Lanarkshire.

The SDL, a motley collection of racists, misfits and football hooligans, says it will gather in Wishaw to protest against Syrian refugee families being housed there.

Its members have vowed to turn up at Wishaw Train Station at 1.30pm on Saturday, April 15.

But anti-fascists have vowed to be there to meet them.

They are organising a counter-demonstration, similar to that which saw the SDL driven off the streets in Alloa at the beginning of March.

Anti-fascists believe the SDL and fellow far right travellers are attempting a strategy of building by targeting smaller towns for demonstrations.

North Lanarkshire Council leader Jim Logue made it clear there is no place for the racists.

He said: Council leader Jim Logue said: “The Scottish Defence League are racist, pure and simple, and should be rightly condemned.

“There is no place in our communities in North Lanarkshire for the Scottish Defence League.”

2nd April 2017 by Nazi Scum

No one "drove the SDL out of Alloa", and no one will drive them out of Wishy either. You're having a laugh.