Anti-fascists vow to shut down the SDL

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Far right group wants to protest against a mosque - but protesters say they will stop them

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7th September 2017 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

Anti-fascist protesters will converge on Perth on Sunday (September 10) to drive the Scottish Defence League (SDL) off the streets.

The far right, hooligan-linked group has said it will descend on the town to protest against a planned mosque.

However, locals have said they want nothing to do with the SDL’s hate-filled agenda and have vowed to oppose them.

After failing to hold demonstrations in big cities due to poor turn out and opposition, the SDL has embarked on a strategy of targeting smaller towns.

However, its demos in the likes of Alloa and Wishaw have been failures, with the football casual-linked group having to be escorted away under police protection.

Protest and community groups have come together under the banner of Perth Against Racism.

A spokesperson said: “This is blatant display of hatred being imposed on us.

“A peaceful counter demonstration is being planned to give a voice to all of those opposed to the march.

“The SDL has insulted the intelligence of the people of Perth thinking that we are stupid enough to believe that they are coming here to champion on our behalf about parking spaces!

“It is clear that its real aim is to scapegoat and to provoke Muslims, in order to divide and isolate them from wider society.

“This is part of their programme of incitement against religious and ethnic minorities generally, as they had attempted earlier this year in Wishaw and Alloa.

“We call upon the good people of Perth from all walks of life to open their hearts and stand together to show that we are a welcoming, modern and multicultural city.”

Protesters are asked to gather at Perth railway station at 1pm, though this may change as the SDL often changes its plans.

Keep up to date on the Perth Against Racism Facebook page.