Appeal launched to help the Rohingya

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The group in Myanmar are in dire need of help after facing persecution

6th October 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

An appeal has been launched to help a group who are facing persecution and ethnic cleansing.

The Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (Sciaf) is appealing for help to get urgently needed aid to Rohingya people left homeless, hungry, frightened and in desperate need following ongoing violence in Myanmar, formerly Burma. 

It is sending £50,000 to its sister agency Caritas Bangladesh who is already helping over 160,000 Rohingya people who have fled over the border from Myanmar into Bangladesh.

The speed and scale of people flooding over the border has resulted in a humanitarian crisis. Many families fled with very few possessions and are now entirely reliant on assistance. They are extremely vulnerable, traumatised and living in extremely difficult conditions.

A massive and immediate increase in aid is needed to save lives.

Sciaf is an active part of the global Caritas network of Catholic international aid and development organisations and has worked in Myanmar for many years. 

Its sister agency, Caritas Bangladesh, has already provided hot meals to 163,500 people. There is an immediate need to get food and other items such as pots, pans, soap, jerry cans and shelter to the many thousands of people in need.

Sciaf’s director Alistair Dutton said: “The Rohingya people are going through hell and desperately need our help. More than 480,000 people – roughly the population of Edinburgh – have fled for their lives into Bangladesh. Many have experienced horrific violence and the destruction of their homes and villages. They are traumatised, vulnerable and desperately need our help.

“We’re working closely with Caritas Bangladesh who have already provided food to over 160,000 Rohingya people. But much more help is needed.

“The eyes of the world are on the Rohingya. Having heard their cries, we must respond. I urge everyone to pray for the Rohingya people and give whatever they can to help them through this terrible situation.” 

The recent wave of violence in Rakhine State, which began on 25 August, has driven almost 500,000 Rohingya people across the border into Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Basic services that were available before the massive influx of refugees are now under severe strain. 

You can donate to the Rohinga Emergency Appeal online or by calling 0141 354 5555.