Asthma sufferers fail to receive basic treatment

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A study by Asthma UK has revealed that almost 60% of Scots do not receive the level of care recommended by experts

23rd January 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Huge numbers of Scots with asthma are not receiving basic care to help them live with the condition.

A survey by charity Asthma UK has revealed that only 43% of sufferers in Scotland are getting the basic treatment which is recommended by experts.

This care package includes having an annual asthma review, being on the right medication, being taught how to use an inhaler and having a written asthma action plan which explains how to manage the condition on a day-to-day basis.

Around 80% of people in Scotland with the condition took part in an annual asthma review and inhaler technique check, but only 50.5% received a written plan.

Dr Samantha Walker, director of policy and research at Asthma UK said: “It is deeply concerning that more than 200,000 people in Scotland with asthma are not getting vital basic care that could save their life.

“It shouldn’t matter where you live, people with asthma should get a written plan to help them manage their asthma, a yearly review to check their medicine is working and help to ensure they are taking it properly. Healthcare professionals need to ensure they are giving patients this care. Patients should proactively manage their asthma, and attend their appointments to keep asthma attacks at bay.”