Bad parking map shames UK’s reckless drivers

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​Over 1,000 pictures of inconsiderate parking highlights severity of problem 

25th June 2015 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

An interactive map showing instances of bad parking obstructing blind and partially sighted pedestrians has been launched.

Guide Dogs’ show and shame map hopes to highlight the severity of reckless driving and drivers who park on pavements and block access.

It is part of the charity’s campaign for new legislation to make irresponsible parking illegal.

Pavement parking has been illegal in London for 40 years and the charity is calling on the model to be adopted across the country.

Over 1,000 pictures of badly parked cars across the UK are now posted on the website map with all members of the public urged to contribute their pictures. 

Parking on pavements is blighting Britain's streets - James White

James White, campaigns manager for Guide Dogs, said: "Parking on pavements is blighting Britain's streets. It puts all pedestrians in danger, but particularly those living with sight loss.

"It is terrifying for someone who cannot see oncoming traffic to have to take the risk of stepping out into a road just because someone has decided to park on the footway.

"We hope this year will see this dangerous exercise outlawed once and for all, and call on all MPs to back a change in the law."

A private member's bill has been put forward by Conservative MP Simon Hoare.

He said: "I'm passionate about pedestrian safety and it's undeniable that vehicles parked on pavements can lead to unnecessarily dangerous situations.

"This new law would help not only those people living with sight loss but also parents with buggies and people living with a disability. 

"I hope that my fellow MPs will also see the sense in this argument and vote to outlaw such irresponsible parking."