BBC accused of bias in referendum coverage

Bbc bias

Petition calls for inquiry over how corporation has covered the independence debate

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12th September 2014 by Graham Martin 2 Comments

A campaign group has called for an independent inquiry to be held into alleged BBC bias in its coverage of the referendum debate.

At time of publication, almost 50,000 people had signed an online petition posted by 38 Degrees demanding action after a string of allegations of slanted coverage by the broadcaster.

These include an allegation that political correspondent Nick Robinson claimed First Minister Alex Salmond had refused to answer a question during a press conference.

Salmond’s supporters say the SNP leader did answer it – but it was edited out.

There have been a slew of other allegations of bias over the course of the campaign.

The 38 Degrees petition states: “There is a suggestion that the BBC may be being used to promulgate propaganda in this affair, may not be unbiased or may be being coerced or influenced to serve one particular agenda.

“This suggestion should be investigated and BBC conduct explored in the light of their charter.”

A skewed media has been a constant feature of this campaign

Eliot Stark of Third Sector Yes said: “Third Sector Yes believes that a skewed media has been a constant feature of this campaign; not just in terms of blatant examples such as Nick Robinson's 'disappearing answer' this week, but in terms of the choice of topics. 

“Wouldn't it have been better for civil and civic society to hear as much about third sector leaders' views on independence as those of business leaders and celebrities? 

“Many of us are voting yes in the hope that Scotland might choose a different route; one in which corporate and media power plays a less dominant role in society and where the voices of the third sector, local people and communities can be heard, with their knowledge, skills, hopes and dreams shaping our future.”

A BBC Scotland spokesperson said: "We believe our coverage of the referendum has been rigorously impartial and in line with our guidelines on fairness and impartiality."

12th September 2014 by John Simpson

I do think the BBC has been got at by the media barrons, I also think the Westminster elit are pulling in all sorts of dirty tricks to get negitive coverage like the bosses of the big supermarkets in downing street just before the " higher prices" anouncement. I hope that there is an inquiry into the release of info by the treasury office, it was against the Purda?? rules. But it will only happen if we the public vote YES

15th September 2014 by brobof

I am outraged by this. The blatant bias across the media is sickening. Thank you for the link to the Petition. (Now heading for 75,000 smile