Petition to ban pro-rape events in Scotland this weekend

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Militant misogynist Roosh V says rape should not punishable by law when done off public grounds

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1st February 2016 by Paul Cardwell 146 Comments

A petition has been launched to have a pro-rape campaigner banned from organising events in Scotland.

Daryush Valizadeh, known as Roosh V, has organised meet-ups for his supporters in 43 countries, including in Scotland, this Saturday (February 6).

Roosh V, a self-styled pick-up guru, has published at least 17 books he describes as “strategy guides for getting laid at home and abroad”.

The Scottish events will take place in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Those attending are being told to turn up in George Square or the Grassmarket at 8pm. They are being told to identify each other by asking fellow men "Do you know where I can find a pet shop?" and to answer "Yes, it’s right here". Those identified will then told secret locations to go to have their meeting.

Promoting rape is hate speech, and should be treated as such.

So far over 44,000 people have signed a petition on the 38 Degrees website calling for him not to be allowed to hold the events.

It was posted by Cat Boyd of the left wing alliance RISE. She said Roosh V should not be allowed to promote his hateful violent views in our cities.

She said: “RooshV, a militant pro-rape pick-up artist is holding gatherings for his followers in Glasgow and Edinburgh. This makes our cities unsafe for at least half the population. Promoting rape is hate speech, and should be treated as such.”

In an astonishing tirade last year in a blog "How to stop rape", Valizadeh proposed making rape legal if done on private property.

He wrote: “I propose that we make the violent taking of a woman not punishable by law when done off public grounds.

“If rape becomes legal under my proposal, a girl will protect her body in the same manner that she protects her purse and smartphone.

“If rape becomes legal, a girl will not enter an impaired state of mind where she can’t resist being dragged off to a bedroom with a man who she is unsure of — she’ll scream, yell, or kick at his attempt while bystanders are still around.

“If rape becomes legal, she will never be unchaperoned with a man she doesn’t want to sleep with.

“After several months of advertising this law throughout the land, rape would be virtually eliminated on the first day it is applied.”

Roosh V goes on to say “bad encounters” would be sure to occur but these can be “learning experiences for the poorly trained woman”.

According to his website Saturday’s events are strictly for heterosexual men and he has urged those attending to film and send footage of any “crazy feminists” that show up so that “so we can tear them up”.

He also wrote: “Our views are becoming known enough that we can “come out” of the shadows and not have to hide behind a computer screen for fear of retaliation.

“Up to now, the enemy has been able to exert their power by isolating us and attacking with shrieking mobs, but we’ll be able to neutralize that tactic by amassing in high numbers come February 6.

“I will exact furious retribution upon anyone who challenges you in public on that date (remember to record them).

“Therefore let the sixth of February be a clear signal to all that we’re not going anywhere. We have finally arrived.”

Despite Roosh V’s attempts to intimidate, hundreds have intimated they will attend to protest against the event.

Social activist Vonny Moyes and RISE: Women's Network have both arranged for people to gather in George Square on Saturday night at 8pm.

The Edinburgh University Feminist Society has organised for a similar protest in Edinburgh’s Grassmarket at 8pm.

A spokesperson for the charity Rape Crisis Scotland called for Roosh V to be charged for organising the events: "Rape is a serious crime which can have devastating consequences, and Rape Crisis Scotland believes that if someone’s actions amount to incitement to rape, they should be subject to criminal charges. 

"Given how prevalent rape-condoning attitudes already are in this country, we take the view that if activities and views such as those espoused by Roosh V are not already covered by existing legislation, the Scottish Government should give serious consideration to creating a new offence of incitement to hatred of women."

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Sex without consent is rape. There are no excuses. If someone is drunk or drugged they cannot give consent.

“Police Scotland works closely with partner organisations to raise awareness and tackle the life changing impact of sexual crime.

“We must do all we can to prevent rape and sexual assaults amongst offering all the necessary support and protection to those who are victims.”

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "This group does not have permission to use George Square for an event and never will. It certainly does not have any right to tell women to not enter the Square. Any threats made against the public are a matter for police."

1st February 2016 by Rachel McCallum

Let's get this hatred stopped!!

1st February 2016 by Sarah


1st February 2016 by Sarah Dodds

This utterly disgusting vile excuse for a human being does not deserve to be given a public platform to spread his horrific misoginistic tripe.

1st February 2016 by Evelyn Marshall

Arrogant slimeball.

1st February 2016 by Nicole

Absolutely horrified to read stuff like this, it needs stopped now.

1st February 2016 by Karen baxter


1st February 2016 by Kim Macdonald

This should in no way be allowed in our civilised country. Disgusting is an understatement! !!

1st February 2016 by Kim Macdonald

This should in no way be allowed in our civilised country. Disgusting is an understatement! !!

1st February 2016 by Minnie Reid

How is pro rape even a thing. Disgusting!

1st February 2016 by Donna Wright

Another good reason to keep immigrants out of the country who do not share the values of civilized, western cultures! There are many countries in the world where woman are abused and are allowed no rights ~ people from these cultures need to stay in their own countries! There is no place for such a culture in the western world! Women have fought too long and hard for equal rights!

1st February 2016 by Jo Khalaf


1st February 2016 by Morgan Whiteley

How could anyone be so bloody stupid. This man and all of his followers need locked up for such a mentality. Ban him for the country.

1st February 2016 by Amanda Beal

I despair !! This vile, arrogant excuse for a human should be castrated !!!!

1st February 2016 by Christine

Surely this amounts to a crime? Glad the police have said they will stop this gathering, I'll be horrified if the public incitement of violent crime is allowed to go ahead in Scotland.

1st February 2016 by Brenna Nyznik

Utterly vile and unbelievable. Please ensure this does not happen!

1st February 2016 by Simon Birch

This is incitement to violence against women. It is not acceptable.

1st February 2016 by S brown

I am at a loss for words as is my husband !! Why are our police not sweeping these people up and placing in sex offenders list !! Please let our government take note and block our borders and get more investigating these emails connecting these dangerous people ! I no longer feel safe in my own country .. How sad is that ?!?

1st February 2016 by Valerie

I'm so f*cking angry at this!

1st February 2016 by Louise adams

Vile human being!

1st February 2016 by Alan

Fuck this.

1st February 2016 by Dr Moira Shemilt

More than happy to support this cause.

1st February 2016 by max

What was a satarical piece get real. And I don't see anyone complaining about feminists like Julie bindel writing about killing men or putting them in concentration camps. When men offend women it's misogyny but when women do it it's equal opportunity. Freedom of speech lets him say what ever he wants and it doesn't matter if it offends you.

1st February 2016 by Richie

An event to make him rich by selling books to misogynistic morons is bad enough anyway, but the fact that his rhetoric promotes harm to women clearly makes it hate speech.Wouldn't be sad to see the police weigh into his supporters with batons and I would never normally promote violence.

1st February 2016 by Ali Watt

That slime ball and his "supporters" should be arrested for incitement to commit violent conduct. Incitement to rape or carry out sexual assault should be a criminal offence if it isn't already. Good luck with the protests.

1st February 2016 by Honor


1st February 2016 by Molly

Can I get off this planet now?

1st February 2016 by Kirstie Crowther

This hate preacher should never be allowed to enter the uk.

1st February 2016 by Sharon Strahan

This man needs to be in prison for this hateful speech

1st February 2016 by Lorraine bond

An absolute barbaric hateful man!!!! Should be chucked out of the country or leaned over by a big burly male!!! Might change his mind!!!!!???

1st February 2016 by Carol walker

He should not be allowed any air time for any of his disgusting views.

1st February 2016 by Amy

Twisted pervert

1st February 2016 by Juliana R Solace

This guy needs to be thrown in jail. Shut his shit down. This is scary.

1st February 2016 by g

Rape is wrong. Its that simple

1st February 2016 by Richard Nunn

This man doesn't speak for even a small minority of men.

1st February 2016 by G Stewart

Disgusting view

1st February 2016 by Opposing individual

Hey Daryush! If you're reading this I just wanna let you know nobody is gonna hold your hand on judgment day except maybe those dogs you associate with! I wouldn't find that too comforting. I hope its a rough way out for you. Just being honest..

1st February 2016 by Ellie Henderson


1st February 2016 by Rebecca


1st February 2016 by Rebecca

Absolutely disgusting!

1st February 2016 by Morag F

This man glorifies misogyny and rape - not welcome!

1st February 2016 by Jill Jones

How can this pathetic individual even be allowed into the country?

1st February 2016 by Stacey Andrew


1st February 2016 by Tonya Pogue

I'm shocked the British Government have allowed this vile, offensive disgusting man entrance into the UK.

1st February 2016 by Joanne King

This man is vile and should not be allowed to preach hatred and abuse of women.

1st February 2016 by Amber

Surely the logical thing to do with these events is for the police to go and take the name and address of all attendees for future referance.It could prove highly useful.

2nd February 2016 by Mairead

disgusting legitmiser of rape

2nd February 2016 by Emma

Don't let this happen Edinburgh!!

2nd February 2016 by joe mcmaster

Rape is always unacceptable.

2nd February 2016 by Paul Jones

Live like us respect us abide by our laws and way of life or go back too where you come from

2nd February 2016 by Teri K

This is madness! This guy should be imprisoned based on intent to commit rape.

2nd February 2016 by David Thurston Trigueiro

Reading these vitrolic comments it's difficult not to feel sorry for this guy. When this kind of thing heats up and spreads through society the result is too often tyranny. Ignore him; he will go away eventually.

2nd February 2016 by Josh Hill

Anyone who promotes violence has no place with entry to our country, his purpose here is unsavoury and un Australian

2nd February 2016 by David McCallum

No way should this be allowed! Why the hell would anyome attend something like this

2nd February 2016 by Tracy Doherty

Stop this stupid idiot and others like him

2nd February 2016 by Darren

With this kind of attitude he has probably raped before - why not get someone to come forward and have this slime-bag arrested and tossed in jail?!

2nd February 2016 by Maggie

Agree with Morgan, there is something seriously wrong with a man promoting this kind of misogyny and with the men who 'follow' him. Thank God, these men are in the minority. That is what the rest of us need to show them.

2nd February 2016 by Erin Gent

Stop this vile man and his followers!

2nd February 2016 by Chrissie Pritchard

Please ban this mysoginistic man from our country. He is endangering women.

2nd February 2016 by Lilian Chapman

I have had trouble believing this ! This man is crazy and should be stopped !...or castrated!

2nd February 2016 by Lilian Chapman

I'm speechless as to how this man was even let into the UK ! Disgusting vile creature!

2nd February 2016 by Lorna Docherty

Seriously? Stop this hatred of women

2nd February 2016 by Natasha Hamilton

The fact that this has got this far is disgusting! These people who agree with these meeting should all be in jail!! Vile Cretins

2nd February 2016 by Kim Cakebread

Not in this lifetime. This is against all sense of humane behaviour and this will not be tolerated.

2nd February 2016 by Karen gould

Why are we even having to petition this? The mind boggles!

2nd February 2016 by Hannah lyne

I cannot believe he is allowed to publish this kind of material.

2nd February 2016 by allen owens

I thought this was some kind of sick joke ..What next Mugging for Charity ?

2nd February 2016 by Rory

This is an outrage! This man should be shot in George square and hung up high so all can see! Rapists aren't welcome in our country!

2nd February 2016 by Moira

Thankfully he's voicing his hatred this allows us - the majority, to contact mps, law enforcement and whom ever else we can contact to have him detained. He is in fear of women maybe therapy could root out his anger. Although many would have alternative suggestions as how best to deal with him but that makes us as bad as him. No words are strong enough to explain my disgust of him and his followers. Silly little boys playing big ego is not the sign of a man.

2nd February 2016 by sheila roberts

this man is a primitive Ape he should go back and live in a cave the vile Animal

2nd February 2016 by lorraine

He is insane! this needs to be nipped in the bud, destroy the monsters while they are little ... it needs to be stopped now!

2nd February 2016 by Liz Brookes

Rape is an act of violence - no matter where, no matter when. It destroys the very soul of victims - forever. Real men DON'T rape

2nd February 2016 by Nancy Hootman

This is appalling.

2nd February 2016 by Lucy


2nd February 2016 by Ilona csatlos-graudins

This is abhorrent and must be stopped all hate crimes rape and abuses must never be supported

2nd February 2016 by Emily Howarth

How is this even a thing?

2nd February 2016 by Samantha Young

Scum, trying to infect people with his poisson talk...he should take his vile views of woman and go crawl into a dark place and never come out!

2nd February 2016 by Dawn Rodgee

Why does this country allow these people in ! Surely he can be deported or something. Does police realise the kind of sick people that will turn up to these meetings and are we going to help condone the likes of the davinci rapist!! Ask his victim her views for gods sake

2nd February 2016 by Joe Marcus

If you support this, rethink your life. Where would your values stand if your mother or sister was the victim?

2nd February 2016 by WILLIAM THOM

just send him to isis they will love him or hopefully chop his head off

2nd February 2016 by Joe Marcus


2nd February 2016 by Angie Barr

Utterly appalling! What a complete and utter fucktrumpet!!!

2nd February 2016 by KraSarah Durant

I find this monsters actions to be revolting. He needs to be stopped.

2nd February 2016 by Kathryn heggie

This is utterly disgusting

2nd February 2016 by Anne Bell

I've been thinking about this for hours and I have tried to understand why this man,has become such a hater of women. I cannot come up with any reasonable explanation. So I turned my mind to the sicker reasons why, perhaps he is the result of a rape which left his mother a cold and heartless wreck, who probably blamed him for her anger, and subsequently treated him like shit under her feet, starving him, locking him up in small dark rooms for days, denying him access to a toilet, beating him everyday and double on Sundays. telling him that he is a worthless worm, reminding him daily what his father was and what he did to her, over time he has come to believe that his father must have been a hero who taught this woman (his mother 'Spit' ) just what a woman is for and ending up justifying rape as a punishment for a woman who didn't love him..That theory is probably to far away from the actual truth about his notion of how women should be treated. Maybe in fact this, this,sorry excuse for a man is the spawn of the devil, (if you are a religious thinker). Me. I really think that he is a very sick individual he is mentally impaired. The solution for him would be to be locked away, in some place like Bedlem, where the old ways of treating mental illness was to torture the patient with electro therapy and freezing cold baths followed with scalding hot ones. Where the matron is a dominatrix who regularly chains him up and whips him so hard his skin is ripped off by the whip, and finally his is put in a straight jacket and is tied down to a very hard surface on his flayed back after they have rubbed salt into his open wounds. Or maybe in his sick mind it actually happened to him and that is why he is what he is.Whatever the reasons for why is is a hater of women, he must never be allowed to speak about his twisted ideals publicly, and we must hope that. the good people of the world will treat this man with the contempt he deserves.

2nd February 2016 by Anne Bell

Forget it you won't post it anyway, which is a bit unfair when you post the facts about this man and his opinions.

2nd February 2016 by pg

This man and all who think like him are the worst kind of scum to ever be born on earth. Shame.

2nd February 2016 by Jen Lambourne

vile human being. I wonder if he'd feel the same if he'd been raped? Implying a woman is always in an 'impaired state' of judgement still doesn't excuse the actions of the men who perpetrate rape.

2nd February 2016 by Jen Lambourne

Absolutely vile creature. I wonder if he'd feel the same if he'd been raped?

2nd February 2016 by Michael Pahl

This is disgusting, anyone following or agreeing with this man needs to look at their mothers, or their sisters, or daughters, or friends daughters and think how some man could behave this way. Men stand up and stop this man!

2nd February 2016 by Lisa Laskey

This poor excuse of a human being shouldn't be given a microphone!

2nd February 2016 by Maria

I petition against this vile despicable excuse for a human being.

2nd February 2016 by A West

Totally disgusted - this is NOT the Middle Ages.

2nd February 2016 by sylvia

no need for this ,its disgusting .get him jailed

2nd February 2016 by lynne Anderson

Not in our cities...

2nd February 2016 by N


2nd February 2016 by Deborah Foley

Not in my NAME!

2nd February 2016 by Gulzeb khan

Disgusting.he should be jailed for encouraging such a disgraceful and inhuman activities.

2nd February 2016 by Isabella Brown

If anyone is about to put a comment about how they are glad he is anti-feminist just think for a second. He wants to be able to rape. He wants all rape to be legal. Specifically he wants raping women to be legal at any time and for women to see rape in the same light as loosing their phone. That is sick and insane and its not freedom of speech. Do you think you have the right to not be raped? Then you need to attack this man with everything you have because nothing about this is acceptable

2nd February 2016 by Frances Mills

What a vile ideas!

2nd February 2016 by Lillias Noble

This is sinister and utterly unacceptable. Please stop this man from having the opportunity to influence anyone in Scotland.