Boys just wanna play sport – or do they?

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Boys' Brigade members outside the Scottish Parliament campaigning for more involvement in sport

A new campaign from the Boys Brigade focuses on the importance of involvement in team sports

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26th May 2017 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

Members of the Boys' Brigade (BB) in Scotland have launched a campaign to promote physical exercise.

The boys are using #TeamPlayerScot to encourage young people, schools, youth groups and sports clubs to highlight how people are participating in sport across the country.

It comes as recent statistics unveiled that just a third of five to 15 year olds engage in competitive sport outside of school. Scottish official statistics also this week revealed that less than half of school pupils walk or cycle to school.

The BB boys were inspired to take action after also discovering that 20% of 10 to 11 years olds are already obese.

John Sharp, director of The Boys’ Brigade in Scotland, said: “Through the #TeamPlayerScot initiative, we want to see a more team-based approach to tackling barriers to participation in sport. The BB focuses on giving every child and young person a pathway to develop new skills and, working with others, we want to use sport, games and recreation to engage more young people.”

The campaign has also includes an exhibition running in the Scottish Parliament. It challenges politicians to support the need for more children and young people to participate in regular physical activity.

To coincide with the exhibition, the BB announced results from its recent survey into sports participation which showed that almost 80% of its 1,545 sections offer at least 30 minutes sporting activity every week. 

Ian Moore, 18, member of 2nd/4th Motherwell, said: “We play a variety of sports, particularly basketball and table-tennis.

“It’s important that BB offers these activities as it interests the younger generation. They can get involved and some might choose to take it further – maybe being the next Andy Murray or Pele!”   

Sharp added: “We believe it’s important to engage with MSPs on the vital role that youth organisations have in promoting sports and play opportunities for children and young people.

“Each week our groups offer a range of sporting opportunities, in addition to adventurous activities, such as camps and expeditions.”