Brexit will decimate disabled communities, charity warns


​Report lays bare impact Brexit could have on vulnerable Scots 

10th October 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Brexit will have a devastating impact on disabled people a leading charity has warned.

A report by Camphill Scotland said that any attempt to restrict freedom of movement of EU nationals or their current rights to live and work in the UK, could have far reaching consequences.

There are 11 Camphill communities in Scotland supporting disabled children's needs, ranging from children to older people.

A total of 170 (or 68%) of the 251 short-term co-workers currently living and working in these communities are from other EU countries.

That’s on top of 53% of the charity’s 165 long-term workers who originate from the EU the report found. 

It comes as Joanna Cherry MP tabled an amendment on behalf of Camphill to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill.

The amendment would require the UK government to make arrangements for an independent evaluation of the impact of the legislation upon the health and social care sector. 

Camphill Scotland believes this amendment is necessary to determine the full impact of the legislation upon the health and social care sector.

Neil Henery, director of Camphill Scotland, said: ”Most communities rely heavily on EU nationals working and living in the communities to help provide essential education, care and support for the members of the communities with learning disabilities and other support needs.

“Any future restrictions upon the future freedom of movement of EU nationals, and upon their current rights to live and work in the UK could have devastating consequences for the Camphill communities in Scotland.”

Camphill is a global movement, established in Scotland in 1940 when the north east of Scotland offered sanctuary to a group of mainly Austrian Jewish refugees fleeing from Nazism.

The movement has been strengthened by the cross-fertilisation of ideas and culture generated by the close contacts, and regular exchanges, between Camphill communities throughout the world.