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The Edward Foundation has lost out on around £21,000

16th October 2017 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

A charity which helps bulldogs has been hit by cyber scammers.

The Edward Foundation has lost out on £21,000 after falling victim to a vishing scam.

A caller who claimed to be from Barclay’s Bank informed the charity’s chairwoman and a trustee that the security on their account was at risk.

The caller gave their name as Stuart Whitby, from the fraud department at the bank, and chairwoman De Randall confirmed his identity by phoning Barclay's and checking his name.

However the caller was actually a fraudster, and despite not having PIN numbers or account details, was able to access the accounts and take £21,000. 

Using the charity’s computer IP address, the caller made what he told them was a ghost transaction in the belief that they were safeguarding the future security of the charity's accounts. The incident has left those at the charity devastated.

“This has weighed so heavy on my heart. I need to tell the people it concerns, the people whose money I have lost,” said Randall in a Facebook post.

"All l I can do is apologise to each and every one who donated and I promise we will work to replace it.

"I wish I'd never answered that call that day."

Police have been contacted and a petition has been set up calling for Barclays to refund the money taken.

Earlier this year, Highland Hospice lost around £500,000 in a similar scam with police warning charities to be vigilant against unsolicited calls. 

30th April 2018 by Sarah Cadiz

I’m sorry to hear this happening to this organization that helps Bull Dogs