Bus survey for partially sighted passengers launched

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RNIB Scotland is working with bus companies to improve public transport for the partially sighted

9th August 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Partially sighted passengers are being asked for their views on public transport.

RNIB Scotland is calling on people with sight loss to evaluate their bus journeys by taking part in its Mystery Bus Passenger survey.

The questionnaire is based on the RNIB Bus Charter, which covers the quality of bus driver communication, ease of getting on and off the bus, and audible announcements. A range of large and small bus operators across Scotland have already signed up to the charter.

The questionnaire can be used on all bus routes whether the route operator has not signed up to the charter. RNIB Scotland will pass on feedback, anonymised, to bus operators, whether good or bad, and invite operators that have yet to sign up to the charter to do so.

James Adams, director of RNIB Scotland, said: “We are keen to hear from blind and partially sighted people across Scotland about what works and what could be improved on, on bus journeys in their area.

"For people with sight loss, their local bus service can be a lifeline for getting to work, to the shops and for keeping up with family and friends. If you are unable to drive or cycle, and can’t afford taxis, the bus is the only way of getting around.”

The questionnaire can be accessed on the RNIB’s website.