Campaigners call for PIP to be scrapped and DLA reintroduced


Petition wants the controversial system to be halted to be replaced with the old one 

11th April 2017 by Robert Armour 26 Comments

Personal Independence Payments (PIP) should be scraped and Disability Living Allowance reintroduced, according to an online campaign.

The 38 Degree petition has nearly 5,500 signatures backing the call which also demands an “end to discrimination in Disability Benefit Assessments especially where invisible disabilities are the main or only presenting issue.”

Siobhan Winter-Smith, who created the petition, said: "PIP assessments are not fit for purpose.

“They are especially unfit where non-physical disability predominates. The result is that people who used to qualify under DLA, and whose condition may actually have deteriorated, are suddenly found not to fit the PIP 'criteria.'”

The petition follows a Channel 4 dispatches documentary showing the extent of the problems faced by disabled people in claiming benefits. The programme showed how people with "invisible disabilities" such as mental health issues, faced particular problems when assessed. 

Winter-Smith added: “There is clear bias in these assessments and that constitutes discrimination against people with "invisible disabilities."

One who signed the petition wrote: “The government is smarting as a result of losing two Court cases re PIP last year. It seems it retaliated with plans to further tighten the eligibility criteria! That is nothing short of utterly despicable.

“We want a future real government to recognize the financial needs of all people with disabilities, don't we? We will want them to scrap PIP (and DLA for that matter ~ we don't care what it's called!) and do the right thing.”

And Franks S commented: “PIP is not being used to help people, it is being used to victmise them instead.”

It comes as MPs and patient groups this week called for an end to the repeated assessments that people with progressive diseases must undergo in order to qualify for disability benefits.

Thousands of people with rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease and other conditions will be retested this year to decide whether they are still eligible for PIP because of their disabilities.

But MPs and patient charities argue that repeated testing makes little sense for people with incurable diseases that are known to get progressively worse. According to the most recent figures from the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), 3,500 people with progressive conditions were reassessed for PIP between April and October last year.

Carol Monaghan, the MP for Glasgow North West, said she was challenging four cases where patients with multiple sclerosis had been called in for reassessment despite their illness getting worse.

“MS is a progressive condition. They’re never going to be any better than they are at the moment, so they should never be asked to go for a reassessment,” she said.

“Some of these people are still able to walk to a certain extent, so they get themselves in, just about, and then they’re being told, ‘You look fine,’” she added.

11th April 2017 by Anthony Boreham

Thank god someone is taking this unelected scum government on over the scrapping of P.I.P. They need to reinstall disability living allowance! The cronies doing the assessments are a joke!

11th April 2017 by Mr James muncaster

Reinstate DLA payments now. Abolish the PIP payments now,they were never going to work. They are a insult to everyone forced to claim them.

11th April 2017 by Caroline Taylor

This government bangs on about giving the same recognition to mentally ill people as physically disabled and greater understanding of mental health remember one of the first speeches Mrs may gave when she became prime minister what a joke the nasty party are back ! The discrimination against the mentally ill is disgusting some of the most vulnerable people in our society systematicly robbed of financial support as soon as they have their pip taken away under assessment that then leads straight to assessment of esa how long before these vulnerable people are made homeless because they can't pay the bills it needs to STOP the media barely mentioned this so the vast majority of the public were unaware of the plight of these people is this really what our country has come to taking from people who can't defend themselves to give to greedy rich ASHAMED TO SAY I'M BRITISH

11th April 2017 by Tasha Douglas

My boyfriend went through his PIP test 3 years ago.No previous claim for DLA, because back then they were only focused on new claims for PIP not you people who have sat on DLA for most of your lives. None of you lifted a finger to help, then you actually sided with the tories with their welfare reforms.He suffers from 7 chronic conditions including liver cirrhosis, diabetes and portal hypertension, but he was found to be 100% physically fit, because he can sometimes walk, never mind the fact that he has been booked off long term sick with exhaustion, fatigue and lethargy. He cannot process toxins etc. He had written letters, from his GP, hospital etc. and he scored 4 points.Putting a brave face on it, being brave, counts against you, you have to want to get more and more sick to actually score points.I just find it a little bit hypocritical that all of you are suddenly on the bandwagon for yourselves. How about remember all the other thousands that have been turned down for PIP.

11th April 2017 by Ian Joyce

Yes bring back DLA and stop picking on the week in our society. Maybe we should think about reducing the pay we give MPs and members of the house of Lords. Say the N. MY. W.

11th April 2017 by Stuart

How can the government expect people to live on £50 a week, that's what they have awarded my sister and she has RA the government needs to be brought back down to earth with a bang they know fuck all so get it right, I bet some of the families of the government suffer with such illnesses but they don't have to scrimp and scrape like plenty of people are doing grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr bunch of cunts!!!!!!!!!

11th April 2017 by Andrew Gregory

In 2016 , I was diagnosed with , primary systemic necrotising vasculitis , with MPA , anca . Nearly killed me was saved , and now take chemotherapy tablets , plus several others , I was assessed , and placed on low rate for pip , my condition still deteriorates , but I have always felt cheated , especially as I was referred to an x cancer nurse , who had never heard of this condition , I am 1 of many silent sufferers , but these assessor a should be asked to , justify a decision , about something they clearly know nothing about , and I sympathise with suffrers of rare and unknown illness , whom probably as i do feel , this system should quickly be resolved , and dignity given back to people who , through no fault of there own have ended up on state benefits . I would gladly applaud any change , brought on by your campaigning , hat's off to all involved , Regards me A Gregory

12th April 2017 by Diane Hawkes

Reinstate DLA and get rid of pip it's just another way for tories to take money of disabled, I was receiving dla and dwp said I was to apply for pip, I have got a muscle wasting disorder, obviously your heart and lungs are a muscle, so I won't live to a great age, as there is no cure for this,I got pip the lady said I would get it backdated to my dla,and be on pip for life,I received my pip never got it back dated and I got it for 3 years and I lost the first month, so next year iv got to go through the same thing all over again as if I'm not suffering enough without going through this every 3 years that's even if I get it

12th April 2017 by Adrian Horne

For years I have tried to find a 'force' that actually cared about this and, other than The Black Triangle - who put quite an effort into our rights - I have found none. My full-term, degenerative, PPMS has been added to a huge amount by this inhumane government and not one single political party has shown significant opposition to the 'Euthanasia by the back door' being led by the May. We are getting to a point where no-one has ANY say in our laws and rules, and the government are becoming dangerously untouchable - even by the United Nations. What incentive have the young to actually work? I was taught to get an education, do Uni if possible, find a job/career and pay taxes, NI and pension (in order to protect your families future if you become ill) etc etc. I did so and was encouraged by my children to draw on it once I couldn't teach any more but now it's likely to be withdrawn. My family have all worked their whole lives, my parents died early and unexpectedly (and never had the chance to draw any back), many relatives the same and I have an 'indefinite' life span with 2 Chronic illnesses (which I didn't cause) PPMS and COPD. I'm far from being the worst case !!!

12th April 2017 by Robert Conelley

I was diagnosed with PD ten years ago and have had two spine operations all documented.I recently had an interview by a nurse!,representing ATOS who merely had to look at my medical history to realise my condition was going to detiriorate.So the obvious move is move on to the next sufferer.Robert Conelley

12th April 2017 by David sturgess

We'll what else can you expect from the nasTy party.people need to thi k with their votes. Get them out no point complaining if you did not vote and leave others to try a waste vote goes to the greater vote. Use your vote stop sitting g at home saying you cannot be bothered then complain when this happens. This is the nasty party. Vote and use your vote.

12th April 2017 by Martina

PIP should be banned. Instead of attacking disabled and cutting them off leaving them without support they should focus on supporting them even more!

12th April 2017 by bobby nobbs

i think the biggest problem are the people doing the assessments, they do not write in there reports the correct information, on mine she stated i heard voices and thats untrue i feel people who are needing of dla or pip as it is now have medical evidence and lots of it others dont i have a neighbour claiming pip and theres nothing wrong with him but he says it was easy to claim i spent years trying to just get what i was entitled to perhaps the medicals should be done properly not improvised ive had 5 major surgerys since 2005 which has left me disabled and yet it took me 8 years before i qualified its discusting rant over

13th April 2017 by Redditch

Pip is all a con they are scum only worried about giving to Asians in Birmingham my father has live threaten disease not been well had 3 strokes and told he is fit for work even with dementia. They only want to stop people's money not interested in people they need to scrap pip tossers

15th April 2017 by Mike the truth hurts

There does need to be a system in place to assess people on a regular basis. How do we know if someone's condition improves and are no longer in need of the extra money or deteriorates to the point they may qualify for increased support payment? Giving someone DLA for life for a bad back or depression that resolved or improved with treatment 20 years ago but...oh I forgot to inform the DWP and carried on taking the money oops, is not a good policy. It may not be a perfect system but people need to realise that when the government offers money to support disabled people there will be a lot of people who lie to get it and go on living off the welfare state. Those with true disability should not resent coming to one assessment every year or 2 to be assessed to continue receiving money to support them. I think it is about time the people were given some true statistics on the number of frauds out there....

26th April 2017 by Kerry McInnes

Yes bring back DLA and stop picking on the week in our society. Maybe we should think about reducing the pay we give MPs and members of the house of Lords. I say l

26th April 2017 by Kerry McInnes

Thank god someone is taking this unelected scum government on over the scrapping of P.I.P. They need to reinstall disability living allowance! The cronies doing the assessments are a joke!

26th July 2017 by angus ramsay

I have had my pip assessment I had enhanced mobility but since I had pip assessment I have no went down to the lower limit. I cant walk more than 20 metres but they fill in answers I never said they fill in different questions without telling you what they have done. I need someone with me at all times as I am prone to be falling. bring back dla it was more fairer.

22nd August 2017 by Victim of the system

The DWP scum are contracting companies that make more money from this unfair and corrupt process than most on benefits. I agree in principle that there are a lot of types stealing from the benefit system and it is them that need to be weeded out, the people that have had a solid medical diagnosis from an NHS source should be left well alone. The PIP games played are: (1). Unqualified assessors are on a quota to not report back to the DWP the correct information. (2). The DWP sending out the final assessment documentation late in the hopes that your Mandatory Consideration return deadline will be missed, (3). Ignoring additional information and medical professionals letters during the Mandatory Consideration process and re-sending the original assessment with no points adjusted or comments added to reflect this corrected information this is due to the fact that they don't even read what you've sent, forcing you to either give up, or go down the long winded appeal process. (4). Ringing you up out of the blue to pressure you into not proceeding with appeals. The Tories have always been too harsh on their indigenous population, instead of fishing out the real thieves in the system, they always go across the board and attack everyone even if you have a valid NHS diagnosis, which is a joke in itself and suggests that the NHS is a Joke and not to be relied upon has a professional body.

9th September 2017 by Roshe

In April I was advised to apply for PIP, as my DLA was going to end. Today 9th sept, after form filling and full assessment, including further authentications from my Doctor and other agencies, I am informed, not only will I not get an increased amount, I will get nothing. Apparently I am too old to apply. If nothing else, they Could have saved me the stress and depression they have put me through for the last 6 months. Anyone else had this done to them??

11th April 2018 by Tracy martret

Disgusting my husband has severe agraphobia paranoia anxiety and a cripple due to back operation gone wrong doctor written letters to pip saying no way he can attend they need to do home visit they have said no to a home visit twice because they say he is violent this is rubbish have asked for paper review but they are still saying he needs to go to face to face he does not get violent at home only when going out of the house he can be very confrontational now awaiting letter from mental health to back up paper review this has been going on four months with pip

17th April 2018 by Ellizah Richards

Bring back DLA

2nd August 2018 by Billy

We live in a cruel country right now and the sad thing is the majority of the population want these tests and cruel discrimination carried out against vulnerable Ill people. Very sad state of affairs.

6th October 2018 by Robert Mitchell Bellis

I think that pip should be abolish & bring back DLA i have mental health & health isu & i bean refuse every time i keep on replying i get refuse i daunt udare stand why please bring back DLA(╰_╯)#

6th October 2018 by Robert Mitchell Bellis

I think that pip should be abolish & bring back DLA i have mental health & health isu & i bean refuse every time i keep on replying i get refuse i daunt udare stand why please bring back DLA stop pip they have no idea my wife was on DLA & they told she have to go on pip she got refuse & i dunt think that's fair so pip should be stop (╰_╯)#

3rd November 2019 by Angela Briggs

I have Severe COPD, which could be fatal at any time, if I get a serious chest infection...I have emergency steroids, and I was left disabled after having Guillian Barre Syndrome. I can walk a very short distance on full arm crutches, if my breathing is ok. They have stopped most of my disabity money, and the woman I saw said "she didn't see any breathing issues....I was sat down behind a desk in a warm room.....What a joke, I would love her to see me when my partner has to rush me to hospital, and they put me on Oxygen, because I can't breath.