Campaigners cool on climate change plan

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Draft climate plan welcomed but campaigners fear the vision won't be delivered   

20th January 2017 by Robert Armour 2 Comments

Ambitious government targets to reduce Scotland’s carbon emissions by 66% by 2032 are seriously flawed according to climate campaigners.

It comes after the Scottish government outlined a new target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Climate Change Secretary Roseanna Cunningham set out the government's draft climate change plan for the next 15 years at Holyrood.

She targeted a fully-decarbonised electricity sector and 80% of domestic heat coming from low-carbon sources as part of the plan.

Campaigners welcomed the plans raised questions about the plan’s lack of new actions to deliver the vision.

The 172-page document sets a road map for decarbonising Scotland.

Environmental groups said it was merely "technofix", with not enough focus on changing behaviour.

Among the policies are making half of Scotland's buses low-carbon, fully-decarbonising the electricity sector and making 80% of homes heated by low-carbon technologies.

Tom Ballantine, Chair of Stop Climate Chaos Scotland said: "Clearly lots of work has gone into developing this picture of a low-carbon Scotland, and that is to be welcomed.

"Much of what was set out in today's plan is still at the pilot or consultation stage, and effort will now need to go into rapidly developing these into concrete policies.

"The urgency could not be clearer with this draft plan published straight after news that 2016 was the hottest year on record. With the threat from climate change increasing and affecting the lives of people here in Scotland and around the world, it's time to shift up a gear."

Cunningham said: “Our proposals for further deep cuts in emissions represent a new level of ambition which will help maintain Scotland's reputation as a climate leader within the international community.

Much of what is set out is still at the pilot or consultation stage - Tom Ballantine

"The transition to a low-carbon economy offers important opportunities for Scotland - thanks to our highly-skilled workforce, the strength of our research institutions and, of course, our natural resources.

"The Scottish government's ambitions are clear, but we have now reached a point in our journey where future progress will require the support of individuals, organisations and businesses across the country.”

But Scottish Green MSP Mark Ruskell said during a debate in the Scottish Parliament ministers were not listening to expert advice from the Committee on Climate Change, noting that action on only half of a set of recommendations from the group appeared in the plan.

21st January 2017 by Scottish Scientist

"7.2.3 Carbon Capture Storage (CCS) is critical to the delivery of a cost-effective emissions reduction trajectories under the Plan; CCS will also act as a technology capable of playing a central role across the decarbonisation strategies of key sectors such as heat, industry and power."+ 10 other references to "Carbon Capture and Storage"- DRAFT CLIMATE CHANGE PLAN The draft third report on policies and proposals 2017-2032________Carbon Capture and Storage is a FRAUD!The collected CO2 gas will be sneakily vented to the atmosphere (because there will be a profit to be made by cowboy operations in doing so) defeating the whole purpose of the exercise.So not so much "Draft" as DAFT Climate Change Plan.Scottish Scientist Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland

8th May 2018 by maxxmacc

It's all a scam making Al Gore and co massively wealthy.The next ICE AGE and nuclear armageddon are the only real threats to humanity. The world could do with some heat.