Captain Tom hands £20m to NHS charities

Capt tom

Projects across the UK are set to benefit from the 100-year-old's viral challenge #NeverMoreNeeded

21st May 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Captain Tom Moore has handed more than £20m to NHS charities.

Every NHS charity across the UK has been given £35,000 from the £32.8m fund and a second grant based on the size of the trust they serve, said NHS Charities Together.

It was revealed yesterday (Wednesday 20 May) that the army veteran will receive a knighthood, after his fundraising challenge of walking 100 lengths of his garden in Bedfordshire before his 100th birthday in April went viral.

Captain Tom was initially inspired to raise money for the NHS in its efforts against coronavirus by the quality of care he received during time in hospital in 2018.

Each NHS charity received £35,000 and a further sum depending on their size - NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde Endowments gained one of the largest donations of £315,000.

NHS Charities Together chief executive Ellie Orton thanked Captain Tom and those who had supported the challenge.

"We have been completely overwhelmed and delighted by the response our appeal has received," she said.