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LOVE Care plans to double its staff numbers amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. 

25th March 2020 by Gavin Stuart 1 Comment

A leading Scottish care provider has launched a recruitment drive amid the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak.

LOVE Care, which currently employs just over 100 workers, is looking to double that number to fill the high demand on care services caused by the crisis.

The group is particularly interested in applications from people who have been laid off because of the outbreak, or those who are unable to access financial support due to being self-employed.

Applicants who successfully pass the selection process will be given two weeks of intensive training to enable them to begin work as soon as possible. All applicants will be screened through the Protecting Vulnerable Groups scheme to ensure they are suitable for the roles.

Lynn Bell, LOVE Group CEO, said: “This recruitment campaign comes against one of the greatest public health challenges in recent history which has led to a higher demand than normal for care workers.

“During normal circumstances we already operate in a sector where there are clear recruiting problems, and this crisis will make the disparity between the demand of services and the number of care providers even bigger.

“We are calling for all of those who this outbreak might affect their jobs and sources of income to consider the care sector as an opportunity, even if it is just as a temporary solution until we go back to normality.”

Ms Bell added: “The career pathway we provide through intensive training will support individuals to be ready to work in a matter of weeks. Later on, those who wish to remain in the care sector will also be supported to gain the qualifications to move through the ranks of the industry and help them establish this as a career of their choice.”

Anyone interested in applying for one of the positions is asked to email LOVE Care on

27th March 2020 by Alejandro De La Torre Gonzalez

Hello. My names is Alejandro De La Torre Gonzalez and I would love to work in your time during this difficult times.I work at the Usher Hall as a Front of House and working with people is my passion.I am sure we will beat the coronavirus if we all stay at home and doing so, we protect the NHS and save life at the same time.RegardsAlejandro.