Carry out acts of kindness, urges charity


The Held In Our Hearts campaign aims to raise awareness and spread positivity #NeverMoreNeeded

4th August 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Child bereavement charity Held In Our Hearts is urging its supporters to highlight acts of kindness on social media throughout August.

The awareness-raising campaign invites people to do something kind for a friend, family member, neighbour or colleague, then share the story on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #KforKindness.

The charity, which has continued to support families during the coronavirus crisis, says kindness is more important than ever. It is hoped the campaign can help spread positivity among communities and those who have experienced the loss of a child, either during or before the lockdown.

Nicola Welsh, Held In Our Hearts chief executive officer, said: “We witness the power of kindness and compassion every day in our work. When a baby dies, it is the kindness and compassion from our bereaved staff that holds families and helps when they feel alone in their grief. 

“As we begin to step out of lockdown, we might feel a little fragile and vulnerable and although we cannot hug freely yet, we can give of ourselves and do acts of kindness to make others smile.  Giving to others is good for the soul and you just never know how much someone else might need that kindness that day, especially at the moment.

“We hope that ‘K for Kindness’ will help us raise awareness of our work and spread some much needed positivity through the community.”

The campaign follows a series of challenges run by the Edinburgh-based charity during lockdown to raise essential funds for its work.