Cash and expert advice on offer for Edinburgh charities

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Charities could benefit from on average £4,000 and 150 hours of business skills over a year

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15th October 2015 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

Charities based in Edinburgh are being invited to apply to be part of a new movement which could see them offered thousands of pounds and hours of expert help.

BeyondMe aims to connect charities with major businesses looking to do social good in the areas they work and is launching in Scotland for the first time next month.

Its giving model sees a team of seven colleagues from one organisation join together to donate their time, money and skills to a charity for one year.

A senior employee from the firm will personally match fund the team and act as a mentor.

One of the major differences between BeyondMe and other schemes is the help offered by the team is based around professional services rather than offering help with manual labour.

In Edinburgh, the launch will see teams initially from multinational corporate PwC paired up with charities for a year. 

Nick Mason, of BeyondMe said: “Charities and social enterprises are at the heart of our organisation. We make a valuable contribution to important social causes by matching the passion, skills and resources of millennial professionals to the genuine needs of outstanding charities.

"From a recent survey of our members, we found that 84% increased the amount of money they donate and 73% increased the amount of time they volunteer due to BeyondMe. By joining our portfolio, charities in and around Edinburgh have the opportunity to engage the next generation of donors and start building lasting relationships.”

Since launching in 2011 BeyondMe has set up links between  80 teams across 20 major businesses in England such as Deloitte, Goldman Sachs and BP. Teams have supported over 75 chanrities by donating £500,000 and 12,000 hours of business skills.

On average teams donate £4,000 and 150 hours of business skills to a charity over the year.

Charities can be of any size and tackling local, national or international social issues.

The key is they are based locally so that teams can meet and interact with them face-to-face.  

To find out more and to apply to join visit the Beyond Me website.