Cash for families affected by alcohol and drugs


​Families will get more support via small grants 

9th March 2018 by Robert Armour 2 Comments

More support for families affected by alcohol and drugs has been announced.

The Scottish Government Substance Misuse Unit has launched a new small grants fund which aims to support families affected by alcohol or drugs. 

One-off grants of up to £1,500 will be offered with applications open to groups (family support groups, carers groups) or people thinking of setting up a group aiming to support families who are affected by alcohol or drugs. 

There are at least 134,000 adults in Scotland affected by problematic drug use in their family with family members feeling isolated, stressed, stigmatised and guilty.

The fund aims to help improve outcomes for those whose loved ones have alcohol or drug issues by providing one-off grants to support things like setting up new family support groups, or ongoing running costs such as room hire and training to develop existing groups.

Aileen Campbell, public health minister said: “Families play an integral role in making recovery a reality for people affected by alcohol or drug use and it is important to ensure that family members are also well supported. 

“This new fund is an excellent opportunity to help build support networks and local groups that will help family members affected by substance use to access the help they need to support their own wellbeing.”

14th March 2018 by william mccurdie

Hi re the news item about more funding re grants for those who are affected by alcohol and drugs. I served my country for many years. then working in the care profession decided to train as a nurse unfortunately I got as far as my final exam for my degree and in the last year was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis which has made me unable to work as still in a lot of pain but there is no support out therefor us I do get pip now but the point I am trying to make is this disease was not of me making a choice to get RA unlike others. regards Billy

20th March 2018 by Lynn

How do you apply for funds from this