Charities awarded £380,000 to support young people

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Thousands of families will benefit from the Wellbeing Fund award. 

8th April 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Scotland’s two largest children’s charities have been awarded £380,000 to support young people impacted by the coronavirus outbreak.

The money, from the Scottish Government’s Wellbeing Fund, will be used by Action for Children and Barnardo’s Scotland to provide direct support to 2,100 children and their families, with an estimated distribution of £23,000 per week.

A portion of the cash will also be used to purchase vital equipment to support school work and reduce social isolation.

The investment is part of the Scottish Government’s wider £350m Communities Funding scheme to help those most affected by the pandemic.

Martin Crewe, director of Barnardo’s Scotland said the money would make a “huge difference” to those most affected by the outbreak.   

He said: “We have both been gearing up our own emergency payments and this allocation will enable us to go further using our existing combined network of over 200 services right across Scotland. 

“We are committed to making fast flexible payments to those most in need and we will absorb all administration costs so the full amount allocated reaches the families and young people who are in dire need of our support.”

Paul Carberry, Action for Children director for Scotland, also welcomed the award, saying: “Through our day-to-day work, we support children, young people and families across Scotland who are struggling more than ever before. Staff have been inundated with the personal stories of the desperation faced by families who fear they can’t afford to keep children warm and well fed.

“This lifeline funding will allow us to work in partnership to deliver vital support to those who need our support the most. Firstly, through distributing funds directly to families who need it most in order to put food on the table or to heat their homes. It will also be used to increase our safeguarding capacity to protect children, young people and families at greatest risk who may be more isolated more than ever due to the current situation.”

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