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Three quarters of Scottish charities have said they would like to see a certification for good governance created

3rd October 2019 by Gareth Jones 3 Comments

The majority of Scottish charities believe a kitemark for good governance would help to increase public confidence in the charity sector.

At a recent event series hosted by consultancy firm RSM - which welcomed more than 70 Scottish charities to events in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Lerwick - almost three quarters (73%) of all charities said that a kitemark would be a helpful tool for the sector.

Marc Mazzucco, risk assurance partner at RSM, called for further discussion around creating the certification.

He said: “Due to the high-profile closures of charities such as Kids Company, confidence in the sector has taken a hit and the public are struggling to commit donations to organisations for fear of poor governance.

“A financial audit shows the fiscal strength of a charity but a kitemark for good governance goes beyond this, it’s more about the spirit of participating in an independent review and demonstrating the right behaviours throughout the organisation to ensure good governance at all levels.

“It’s not just about compliance. A kitemark independently verifies how a charity is being run and shows that charities have achieved and surpass good governance framework standards set by the Charity Commission. It shows best practice within an organisation from transparency and leadership, to communicating the charity’s vision to all staff to help drive cultural change.

“Scottish charities clearly felt that this could be key to reinstating confidence in the charity sector across Scotland, and the UK.”

3rd October 2019 by Scot

Ahem, in Scotland it is the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Not the commission.

9th October 2019 by anon

There is a Good Governance Award in Scotland anyway - set up by of Dundee Voluntary Action.

10th October 2019 by Leigh Urban

There already is an award for Scottish Charities. The Good Governance Award, recommended by OSCR, is an assessment of key criteria to demonstrate good governance is being practiced throughout the organisation and its activities. If you'd like to sign up to the award you can find out more by visiting emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or calling 01382 305728