Charities unite to provide 350 meals a week


Five organisations have joined forces to feed homeless people in Glasgow. 

6th April 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Local charities and community groups have joined forces to deliver 350 meals a day to homeless people in Glasgow during the coronavirus outbreak.

Thought to be the biggest coordinated service of its kind in the city, the project is a partnership between Simon Community Scotland (SCS), Help for the Homeless (H4TH), Destiny Church, The Marie Trust and Social Bite.

Each of the meals is delivered to individuals to avoid people gathering at food banks, with strict social distancing measures followed during deliveries.

Those who receive meals through the programme have been given microwaves to reheat the food thanks to a £4,000 funding drive by charity staff and a £1,000 donation from SCS.

Melody Whitley, from H4TH, said: “I’m just amazed and delighted at the speed and willingness for everyone to get on board to make sure all of the people in this situation have a hot meal. From everyone who has donated money, organised logistics and to all of the fabulous groups supplying and delivering all of the food: thank you.”

Frances O’Donnell is volunteering with the project. She said: “This crisis has brought together a variety of groups and businesses that have discovered a common goal and have seen the benefits of joint working and sharing of resources directed at those most in need. Hopefully, in future, we can continue this coordinated approach.”

The total of 2,500 meals a week are being provided each evening by a variety of restaurants and cafes in the city, including 1051 GWR and Well-Fed Cafe. Packed lunches are being provided by Social Bite, while Glasgow City Mission and voluntary organisation The Invisibles have each offered to help distribute the food and other essentials such as clothing and toiletries.

Lorraine McGrath, chief executive at Simon Community Scotland, said: “A crisis often brings out the best in people and we’re seeing that here with so many people and groups coming together to make sure people are safe and have access to good food.

“This is a difficult time and we’re working to help people to self-isolate. We don’t want people putting themselves or others at risk by coming into the city when we can get the food to them.”

Megan Thomson, service leader at the charity, added: “We are open for food heroes to come join us in supporting people who are struggling at this moment in their lives and have the same concerns, fears and restrictions we all face in these unprecedented times.

“We are also happy to accept vouchers or kettle food donations for food parcels or bulk food donations to distribute to the teams who are cooking all of the lovely meals going out.”

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