Charity app to improve child safety


​Innovate app enables children to be safer at home 

18th May 2017 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

Safety education charity Absafe has launched an app designed to help children make safe decisions if faced with a fire in their home.

The north east charity, which teaches the fundamentals of personal safety, says it has promoted the game to 3,000 school pupils in the region.

The Bridge of Don-based group will use the Android-enabled game in its fire safety sessions.

The lessons inform children about the dangers of fire and smoke as well as the consequences of making hoax calls.

In the tablet-based game, users are asked to navigate their way out of a burning house within a two-minute timeframe or they face serious injuries or even death if they cannot escape.

The app is backed by Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, who work in partnership with Absafe to ensure sessions are up to date and relevant.  

Malcolm McMillan, Absafe’s education manager said: “Our new fire safety game is a new way for us to help inform children about the real dangers of fire. 

“It gives kids a real perspective of what it may look and sound like to be at home when a fire breaks out.

“We’ve included distractions within the game such as ringing mobile phones and pets – these are there to show what can happen if anyone attempts to turn back while trying to escape.  

“Absafe exists to keep people safe. We believe our new technology will help to educate kids in the dangers of fire, but the important message will be presented to them in an up to date and engaging way.”

7th July 2017 by Maleon

I love Charity. Its really helpeful children. You can get the latest version of it from