Charity founder has hand transplant


Corinne Hutton praised for her amazing resiliance 

10th January 2019 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A woman who founded a support charity for amputees has undergone a double hand transplant.

Corrine Hutton established Renfrewshire-based Finding Your Feet which announced the news yesterday (9 January).

The 47 year-old campaigner lost her hands and feet after suffering acute pneumonia and sepsis.

Speaking from her hospital bed after the operation, Corinne said: "I've got hands, they look exactly like mine. They look amazing.

"I've got fingers, and they can move - I shouldn't be doing that right enough, but it's absolutely incredible. I'm so thrilled."

Professor Simon Kay, who performed the first double hand transplant in the UK in 2016, undertook the operation.

He said: “Corinne is one of the most positive, resilient and determined people I have met and despite all the hurdles she has faced she has now got the hands she wishes for.

"She didn't go into this lightly, she researched it deeply and understood the risks as well as the benefits.

"She realises what a remarkable life-affirming gift she has received from an unknown family devastated by grief and I know she will be forever grateful."

Her charity has so far raised more than £700,000 through fundraising and donations.

In 2016 she also posed nude, with her body painted with organs and tissue that are deemed transplantable, in a bid to help raise awareness of transplant issues.

The first woman to receive a double hand transplant in the UK was Tanya Jackson, who was motivated to go for the procedure after seeing Ms Hutton on television.

A spokesman for Finding Your Feet said: "Cor was close to losing hope about finding a match for a transplant, but that's not her style.

"She has accomplished an unbelievable amount since losing her limbs, and we're certain she'll continue to inspire people as she builds up strength and learns to use her new hands.

"It's bittersweet, because transplants require a donor. That person and her family have changed the lives of many today, and made it possible for a mum to hold her son's hand again. Cor will not waste a moment with what they've given her."