Charity helping Scots to get musical

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Drake Music Scotland has launched new resources which allow people of all ages to learn musical skills for free

7th April 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Always wanted to learn to play an instrument but never had the time?  Or encourage your child to play but don’t know how?

Well now it’s possible for everyone to learn to play music as Edinburgh-based music charity Drake Music Scotland has created resources that can be used at home to help anyone learn to play music.

The charity’s Figurenotes team has launched resources that are now available for anyone to try, for free.

The resources are ideal for families and parents looking for something fun and educational to do with their kids while socially isolating due to the coronavirus. Available on the dedicated Figurenotes website, they help your children take the first steps on their musical learning journey.

Drake chief executive Thursa Sanderson said: “It’s widely known that music benefits our health and wellbeing in many ways, through playing, singing and joining in with others, helping to calm or raise our spirits, express and share our feelings. 

“Almost everyone responds and moves to music in a positive way and it is a fantastic activity to do with children to promote their development on many fronts such as physical movement and co-ordination, language and communication, social skills such as listening and taking turns. For example counting the beats helps with numeracy skills!

“We also know that people often think of it as a ‘special talent’ not realising that actually everyone has the ability to learn to play. For this reason Figurenotes resources have been developed and are now widely used throughout Scotland, the UK and many other countries to introduce the joy of making music to all, encourage progression and lifelong learning.”

“Nothing translates as easily as Figurenotes. It is just so obvious that it works,” added Lucinda Mackworth-Young, who is a pianist, teacher and psychologist.