Charity helps schoolchildren enjoy the great outdoors

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Trades House has given 160 pupils the opportunity to take part in three days of


25th September 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Schoolchildren from Glasgow have been enjoying outdoor activities thanks to a project sponsored by a local charity.

A total of 160 pupils aged 13 and 14 from high schools in Drumchapel, Lochend, Castlemilk and Govan are taking part in three days of cycling, abseiling, pole climbing, kayaking and shelter building at Auchengillan Outdoor Centre and Dumfries House. 

The children were selected by their schools according to who would benefit most from the activities, which have been chosen to improve the youngsters’ confidence, behaviour, social and team skills and give them an increased sense of responsibility. 

Glasgow-based charity Trades House has donated £30,000 to fund the “Big Project” programme, with a similar amount pledged for next summer.

Duncan Tannahill, chairperson of the Trades House charities committee, said: “We are delighted that so many pupils will experience and hopefully benefit from these residential trips. Some children are not able to take part in these sort of opportunities due perhaps to financial constraints or a lack in confidence. 

“The purpose of the Big Project is to ensure that those who will benefit most will be able to go and enjoy being part of a challenging but fun environment.”

A second phase of the project will involve fundraising to build a log cabin centre for young people to use throughout the year with a central multipurpose building for indoor activities. 

The site, estimated to cost over £1m, will provide recreation space away from inner-city living and include access to sports, camping, life skills development, a fun environment and possibly career skills.

Tom McInally, deacon convener of Trades House, said; “I grew up in Govan and was fortunate to enjoy and take part in various groups and sports which helped give me self-confidence and team skills. I believe that these experiences really helped shaped my future; they were incredibly important to me and I hope that the Big Project helps spark the same flame in some of these young people.”