Charity launches clinic for those with self-harm scars

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Community-based skin camouflage clinic opened by Penumbra for those with scars as a result of self-harming

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29th June 2015 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

Scotland’s first community-based skin camouflage clinic for people who have scars as a result of self-harm has been opened by a mental health charity.

Penumbra has launched the clinic offering free advice and specialist cream formulated to reduce the visibility of scarring at its Self-Harm Project in Edinburgh.

Although similar clinics exist in a number of Scottish hospitals, this is the first time a community-based service focusing on self-harm has been made available in Scotland.

The service has been created in partnership with Changing Faces – the UK charity that supports, represents and campaigns for people who have disfigurements of the face or body.

Penumbra development worker Tammy Kirk, who runs the new clinic, said: “Across all ages and backgrounds self-harm remains a big issue. This new service in Edinburgh will allow people to reduce the visibility of scars caused by self-harm, if they wish to.

“Everyone referred to the service will have an appointment with specially trained staff who will match their natural skin tone with camouflage cream.

“Staff can then provide a prescription request for the products through a GP and it can be picked up from a local pharmacy.

“We hope these appointments will provide a vital opportunity for people who self-harm to speak confidentially about their concerns.”

Anyone who would like a skin camouflage appointment or wishes to enquire about the service can email

Referral forms can also be downloaded from the Penumbra website.