Charity launches ‘daily check-in’ service for elderly


Age Scotland has launched a new service which will see elderly people called every day to see how they are feeling

1st October 2018 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

A charity has launched a new initiative which will see calls made every day to elderly people who are at risk of isolation.

Age Scotland has introduced the service to bring reassurance to older people, and their families, that someone will call to speak with them 365 days a year.

Good Day Calls, which is launching to coincide with International Day of Older People today (Monday 1 October),  aims to tackle loneliness and provide older people and their families security and support so that they can live well and independently in their own home.

It will offer a regular person to chat to and offer them support with their mental health, as we as ensuring they have access to local services and information.

Good Day Calls will be operated from Orkney, where Age Scotland Orkney has already been hosting the service. It will operate as part of the charity’s social enterprise arm and costs £50 per month. The charity will be offering this service for free to a number of older people who it identifies as being unable to afford it.

Good Day Calls is part of Age Scotland’s new Independent Living service which includes its free information and advice helpline for older people, their Community Connecting service to tackle loneliness and isolation, Care and Repair Edinburgh, and Fire Service home safety checks.

The service will not operate and compete with the established Good Morning Service in Glasgow.

Age Scotland’s chief executive, Brian Sloan said: “We know that more older people are living alone in Scotland and may not have regular visitors. Some feel lonely from time to time and worry that no one will notice if they take ill or are not up and about in the morning.

“It can also be hard for family members who lead busy lives to find the time to check in every day. Our phone calls will put everyone’s minds at ease and ensure that the visits and phone calls from family and friends are focussed on spending quality time together.”

For more information or to sign up, visit the Age Scotland website or call 01856 898 222.

3rd October 2018 by Stuart

Wow £600 a year!! And what about other organisations who run similar services? From Orkney?? Interesting - wonder how they will cope if the person doesn’t answer their call??