Charity offers free face mask exempt badges

Face mask exempt badge

Euan's Guide has created the badges as many disabled people are unable to wear face coverings 

26th June 2020 by Gareth Jones 53 Comments

A charity is offering support to those who are unable to wear face masks.

A new initiative to help disabled people and individuals with hidden impairments navigate the complexities of social distancing is being launched by Euan’s Guide, a charity focused on making it easier for disabled people to get out and about. 

The charity is providing free ‘face mask exempt’ badges to help people who cannot wear a face covering to get out and travel without harassment.

Figures from Disability Rights UK showed that nearly 60% of people who cannot wear a face covering fear being challenged for not wearing one. The research showed that the same amount of people felt they lacked the confidence to stand up for themselves if they were challenged for not wearing a face covering.

Face masks now must be worn on public transport in Scotland.  While both the UK and Scottish Governments have released a list of individuals who are exempt from this requirement, it is not stopping people from commenting and judging individuals who are not wearing a mask.

People’s reasons for being exempt may not be obvious at first glance. The badge has been designed to stand out and quickly alert others that there is a reason why the individual is not wearing a mask.

The idea behind the badge came from Euan’s Guide users who were sharing their concerns of how they would be treated for going places without a mask. The badge is designed to make the wearer feel more comfortable visiting places where the majority of people will be wearing face covering.

Paul Ralph, access and inclusion director for Euan’s Guide, said: “People are often quick to judge, which can make it intimidating to travel when you are going against the majority and seemingly ‘violating’ the rules.  Individual reasons for not wearing face masks are not always obvious, which is why we’ve created these badges so that the wearer feels more confident to travel and to ensure that everyone knows that some people are exempt from the face covering rule in England and Scotland.”

The charity has a limited number of badges to give out initially free of charge.  They hope to be able to produce and distribute more badges with the support of donations.  Anyone looking to request a badge or find out more about how they can support this project should visit the Euan’s Guide website.

10th July 2020 by Shona

Myself and my grandson have astma

11th July 2020 by Shirley

Health problems & skin problems

13th July 2020 by Lyn

How do I order my face mask exemption badge?

16th July 2020 by Jane

Hi, i would like to receive one of these exempt badges as i have asthma & find it very hard to wear a mask. I feel i will be stared at & judged when i do my weekly shop which will not help my anxiety. Please help. Kind regards Jane

17th July 2020 by Mary white

Iboth myself and my husband have Asthma and I also have chronic lung disease I can not breath properly in a face mask

17th July 2020 by Andrew Spencer

Would be of great help for 6 of these please.

18th July 2020 by Laura Ridgway

i want to order a badge for not wearing face mask i have got Asthma

18th July 2020 by Iris Ralston

My husband and I have asthma would like 2 please

19th July 2020 by Rachel English

Hello,Please can you tell me how I go about ordering an exemption badge, as I am asthmatic. I feel people will stare a be ignorant towards me.Can you please email me the details and cost of a badge .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) RegardsRachel English

19th July 2020 by Janice Mcmullan

I would like to order a badge please as I have asthma .Many thanks

19th July 2020 by Mrs Teresa hopkins

I’ve been suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease for nearly six years j can’t wear any mask on my face at All I need a exempt card soon as possible thank you

20th July 2020 by Andrew Greenwood

I have had major heart surgery and have breathing issues.

20th July 2020 by Patricia Parkin

Have c.o.p.d. and emphasima .Feel i am suffercating when i tried one out.

20th July 2020 by Patricia Parkin

Should be free from doctors surgery

22nd July 2020 by

I have COPD .. Could I have a badge and or card please

22nd July 2020 by

Please could I have a badge and or card please i have COPD

23rd July 2020 by Anne Stewart

I have COPD with cancer and can't wear masks.. Thanks

23rd July 2020 by Janette Sinclair

My grandson has a severe learning disability and global developmental delay. would he qualify for a mask exemption badge?

24th July 2020 by Alison Robertson

I have breathing problems due to having half my lung removed and would like a badge

24th July 2020 by Elaine Jones

I would like to receive one of these badges as I suffer from AF and Bronchiectasis. Thank you

24th July 2020 by Audrey Hall

Face mask exception

24th July 2020 by Mr Lawrence paffey

I have copd.i suffer from anxiety. Depression. And have pad in my left leg.and my doctor will not get me an exemption to facilitate me from wearing a mask.I'm 61yrs.young .let alone a dis able badge. As I use a cane and walking any distance is getting harder.

24th July 2020 by Helen awford

I am ashama so can I get a badge please

25th July 2020 by Lesleygriffiths

Please could I have one of your badges I’ve severe c.o.p.d have tried wearing a mask but I can’t breathe because it covers my nose then I have to take it of to use my inhaler

25th July 2020 by Julia O'Regan

I suffer with severe asthma the moment I cover my face I experiance breathing difficulties I also have mental health issues which make me terrified of public hostility

26th July 2020 by Kamrun Nessa

Me and my 12year boy have very bad asthma...I also have Anxiety disorder so how do we get the badge

26th July 2020 by Mel

How can I get a couple of these for my mum and myself

26th July 2020 by Mrs Geraldine Enticknapp

My husband has COPD and is unable to wear a mask Please can he have a badge and card Thankyou

27th July 2020 by Marie donnelly

How do I order badges please I have hyper mobility my daughter has scoliosis including my son we all have asthma and find it difficult to wear face masks as breathing is more difficult

27th July 2020 by Asthma

I M asthmatic and struggle with face masks

27th July 2020 by Rosemary

I m asthmatic where would i get one

29th July 2020 by Name (required)Mrs Joan Markham

I have Chronic Asthma, and cannot wear a mask, plus very bad nasal problems, please can I have a exception Badge,

29th July 2020 by David Morrison

copd asthma ips

31st July 2020 by miss lynn fox

I have asthma/C.O.P.D and disabled I have a blue badge .Is it possible for me to have exemption badge so not to wear a mask

31st July 2020 by lynn fox

I have asthma/C O P D and find it hard to breath wearing a mask .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

1st August 2020 by Susan Wilson

How do I order a badge for my elderly Aunt who cannot safely wear a face mask?

4th August 2020 by Lisa Kelly

How do I get my free badge

6th August 2020 by Karin

Need a badge. As l have. Copd. And will need to go to shops tryed mask can’t breath with it on

9th August 2020 by Betty Holmes

I suffer severe depression and anxiety and really struggle wearing mask as feel I cannot breath and start to panic could I please have the badge for when I do leave the house

11th August 2020 by Pauline Hanna

I feel chlostrophobic in enclosed spaces & anxious & breathless when wearing a face mask. Can I please have an exception badge or lanyard. Thankyou

11th August 2020 by Patricia Antcliff

I suffer with asthma and find face masks difficult to wear, leaving me breathless. Could you tell me how a get a badge and how much they cost could you message or e mail me please with the info

18th August 2020 by Sandra fifield

I would be grateful for a badge for my mum, she was starting to go out but is scared of others reaction to her not wearing a face mask due to asthma and heart condition thank you

25th August 2020 by Denise davies

I’m exempt because of asthma

31st August 2020 by janett

I suffer with scoliosis I have problems when wearing a mask I start to panic a bit has it gets very stuffy

5th September 2020 by Gordon Clark

I have B 12 deficiency and find hard to breathe wearing a mask ???? that is why I require one

7th September 2020 by Louise Twohig

hi can i plz get 1 of yr badges as I have c o p d and asma .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

8th September 2020 by Anthony Booth

Suffering from copd

12th September 2020 by Yvonne Holdsworth

I would like a badge for my elderly mum who has asthma & COPD Thank you

13th September 2020 by Thomas Murray

I have asthma and find it difficult to wear a mask

13th September 2020 by Jacqueline Connor

How do I order a free badge

16th September 2020 by Thomas Murray

I have asthma and find it hard to wear a mask I get breathless and feel dizzy

17th September 2020 by Helen Allan

Need a badge as I'm asthmatic please

20th September 2020 by janis halliday

i work in the retail trade and i suffer from anxiety for which i am on medication for. Can you please tell me where i can get a badge. Many thanks