Charity supports realistic war film

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The RAF Association is backing The Burning Sky, which is in the early stages of development

9th October 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A new movie feature a realistic depiction of the Second World War.

The RAF Association has announced its support for war film The Burning Sky.

The charity will support the film's aims to achieve historical and technical accuracy and is keen for members of the association and the public to get involved in the process.

Set predominantly in Malta in 1942, The Burning Sky follows the fortunes of two pilots as they struggle through the most intense air battle of WWII.

It's about friendship, love, life, loss and war, based very heavily on the absolutely real - and staggeringly dramatic events - that took place on that extraordinary island in the heart of the Mediterranean.

The film is in early pre-production, but already enjoys support from the Maltese government and film commission - with offers of access to many of the historic locations shown in the narrative, as well as the use of the WWII airfield in Gozo.

Producer Alec Mackenzie said: "We are keen to get this exactly right. We need advice on various issues, from what the ground camouflage for the aircraft was like, to the procedures and tactics employed at that time and the accuracy of equipment used.

“There may be opportunities for someone to be formally employed to help us with this. We will be looking for script reviewers and acting extras. We are also very keen to see photographs and accounts from this period and to speak to owners of historical or representative equipment."

Rachel Huxford, director of fundraising, RAF Association said: "We are delighted to help the producers get the film's accuracy spot-on.

“They have also generously agreed to share 7% of the profits of the film, once it gets to screen. This will be used to support our vital welfare work with serving and veteran RAF personnel and their families.”