Charity warns: don’t be duped by doorstep collectors

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​Public raise concerns about doorstep collectors

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21st July 2017 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

A leading Scots charity has warned supporters: don’t be duped by doorstep collectors.

Members of the public have contacted Alzheimer Scotland concerned that they have been asked to give donations for Alzheimer’s disease.

The collectors, who have not been identified, issued material which people thought may have come from the charity.

In response, it has issued a video reassuring its supporters, stating that it never fundraises in this way.

The video can be seen here:

Anna Devine, director of fundraising and marketing at Alzheimer Scotland, told TFN: “Alzheimer Scotland really values the relationship we have with our supporters and it’s important to us that people can donate to our cause with confidence and not under pressure.

“As a charity that supports potentially vulnerable people, we are selective about how we fundraise and that’s why we promise our supporters that we don’t come to your doorstep, we don’t phone asking for donations and we don’t stop anyone in the street and ask them to sign up to a direct debit or disclose private banking details.  

“Alzheimer Scotland has received a number of communications from the general public, some of whom thought we were collecting door to door. 

“We hope this video message will provide clarity to any of our supporters who may be concerned about charity collections for Alzheimer’s disease in the area where they live.”