Charity’s financial future ‘on a knife edge’

Glasgow cca

Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Arts has been closed since a devastating fire three months ago

6th September 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A charity arts centre has said its future is on the knife edge after it was forced to close by a devastating fire.

The Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA) has been locked out of its premises following a blaze at the nearby Glasgow School of Art in June.

The charity has not been able to hold events at their base since then, but staff had hoped they may be able to return to the building later this month.

However this week staff said that they have been told by Glasgow City Council that the risk to their building has not changed significantly and that they are still waiting on a report from structural engineers.

Director Francis McKee said: "It’s basically an indefinite closure with no schedule and no dates.

"That’s a problem for our insurers for example. The cafe desperately need a date for re-entry for our insurers, for them to continue to support them. We don’t have that.

“We are in the position this week where we have to decide if we cancel September. We have a sell-out gig on the 14th, which we were assured we would be in in time for. We have a memorial service on the 16th for a lecturer who died recently in the art community. That will have to be cancelled as we just cannot make any guarantees.

“Financially we are on a knife edge."