Chief executive to head-up two leading charities


Dual role for chief executive taking on Edinburgh and Glasgow-based charities 

14th June 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Two homeless charities in Glasgow and Edinburgh have appointed the same chief executive in a bid to improve services for rough sleepers in the cities.

Lorraine McGrath is set to head up Glasgow-based charity, Simon Community Scotland, on top of its Edinburgh-based counterpart, Streetwork.

The dual role will see both organisations build on their existing relationship and provide practical support to people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Streetwork has been providing face-to-face support to rough sleepers in the capital for 25 years, while Simon Community Scotland has been doing likewise in Glasgow for just over 50.

The bigger of the two, in terms of staff numbers, Simon Community Scotland also provides emergency accommodation services, including in North Lanarkshire and North Ayrshire.

The opportunity for McGrath to take on the twin roles followed a vacancy arising at Streetwork.

Streetwork chair, Linda Holden, said: “I am delighted that a chief executive of the calibre of Lorraine McGrath has been appointed as our chief executive also.

“To have access to the skills, talents and resources of Simon Community Scotland – with whom we share so many values – will be vital as we try to support people with complex needs who are sleeping rough on our streets.

“We are specialists in working directly with people sleeping rough on our streets. This collaboration is a really significant step forward for us as we work towards trying to solve this so visible and heart-wrenching situation we all see on the streets of our cities.”

Lorraine McGrath said: “I’ve known and informally worked with Streetwork for over ten years. I feel honoured and privileged to be linking the leadership of the two major homelessness street outreach organisations in Scotland, I believe it offers great opportunity for shared learning. 

“This ambitious agreement between our organisations is wholly focused on delivering improvements for people who find themselves on the streets or in crisis in our two cities where we have the greatest homelessness need.

“Streetwork has a strong legacy of delivery in Edinburgh and a highly-skilled and expert team and I am delighted to be joining that team."

Both McGrath and Holden presented the new arrangement to key officials at The City of Edinburgh Council, which is the principal funder of Streetwork.