Children’s charity rebranded for 150th anniversary

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Action for Children said it's new logo was 'warmer and friendlier'.

16th July 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

A children’s charity has been rebranded to mark its 150th anniversary.

Action for Children (AfC) said its new brand identity portrayed a “warmer, friendlier” face of the charity.

The new brand was created by ad agency ASHA, who were given a brief to create a “clear, simple and engaging expression”.

It includes a red, star-shaped logo along with other design elements that will be used across the charity’s publications and campaigns.

Nick Jones, AfC’s communications director, said: “It’s really important that we’re able to talk about our work in the same voice. It’s much warmer, much friendlier.  

“We can talk to corporate partners. We can talk to government. We can talk to mums and dads. We can talk to carers. We can talk to children and young people.”

ASHA conducted an extensive audit of AfC before settling on the final design, collating a “vast array of existing collateral” into eight activity areas and 16 service areas.

Branded templates for all communications requirements have been created and hosted on an internal portal allowing local services to create on-brand materials according to specific needs.

Staff at the charity have been given a range of items, including tote bags and water bottles, carrying the new branding in order to establish a public profile.

ASHA’s Marksteen Adamson said: “It’s a simple statement of truth that expresses the essence of who they are and how they work.

“This sense of family permeates throughout the organisation through its staff and all its services. It’s unique to the organisation. It’s what sets Action for Children apart.

“This concept was the foundation for the creation of a distinctive tone of voice, a series of defining brand principles, the new brand signature and icon.”

The branding has been launched as the charity begins a new campaign, Choose Childhood, which is warning of an emerging crisis in childhood and calling on the next PM to put children first by establishing a National Childhood Strategy