Climate change could mean favourites are off the menu

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Fish and chips, chicken tikka masala and other popular dishes could be at risk, WWF has warned

20th March 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Some of Scotland’s favourite dishes could be at risk from climate change.

WWF Scotland has said that popular meals such as chicken tikka masala and fish and chips are amongst those that could be affected by harsher environmental conditions.

The charity has said that warmer seas could mean populations of cod are displaced by species such as anchovies.

Food shortages could mean chickens will have to be fed with insects or algae, and the cost of poultry will soar.

In a report published ahead of Earth Hour, WWF warned other dishes such as ploughman’s lunch and lamb stew – could also be under threat by 2050.

Gareth Redmond-King, head of energy and climate at WWF said: “The threat to these classic dishes just shows that climate change could impact every aspect of our lives in future if we don’t act now.

“That’s why this Earth Hour we want people to eat more sustainably.”                           

Earth Hour sees hundreds of millions of people turn their lights out for an hour to show they care about the planet’s future. This year’s event takes place on Saturday (24 March) at 8.30pm.