CND says opposition to Trident is growing

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CND says anti-nuclear weapons campaign is on the up

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19th September 2014 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

The Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) says the movement against Trident has been given a shot in the arm by the yes campaign.

Abolishing the Clyde-based nuclear deterrent was a major plank of the drive for Scottish independence in the recent referendum.

Scottish CND says that although the independence bid failed, opposition to Trident has grown.

A spokesperson said: "We are proud to have been part of the dynamic and creative movement for yes.

“A large number of people are disappointed that there their hopes of creating a nuclear-free independent Scotland were dashed.

“However, the energy of the yes campaign has given new life to our struggle to remove Trident from Scotland and there has been heightened interest in the cost and risk of basing nuclear weapons on the Clyde.

“We know that opposition to Trident is even stronger than support for independence. Over the coming weeks we will be considering how best to take forward our campaign to rid this land and the world of nuclear weapons."