Communities more divided since Brexit vote, poll reveals

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A new survey has revealed people’s views on the third sector in a society divided by Brexit and inequality.

27th August 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Brexit has led to increased divisions within UK communities, according to a poll for the Charities Aid Foundation.

The survey found that just one in five (21%) people believed there was a strong sense of community in the country, with two-thirds saying the UK was too unequal and one in three saying their area had become more divided in recent years.

While more than two-thirds (69%) of British people agree that charities play an important role in society, just one in three people (31%) thought they had a strong role to play after Brexit.

And only 37% of the 2,100 people polled believed that charities could help to heal social divides – although 43% said the third sector could improve community cohesion.

Researchers found 59% of people had donated to charity in the past year, with 40% saying it was more important now that local charities received government funding than it was three years ago.

An overwhelming 88% said they believe it is important to help others but only 30% thought people were generally good at looking out for others.

Susan Pinkney, head of research at CAF, said: "We are seeing a very mixed picture across the UK, with a clear sense that people are feeling wary about how their communities are reacting to the debate in the country since 2016.

"There remains a strong willingness to step in and help others, but it is tempered with concerns about wider cohesion locally and worries about inequality in general.

"We are buoyed to see the continued support for the role that charities can play in bringing people together and healing social divides."